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Overview Of James Allen

Funded by customers’ trust and love, James Allen has come a long way. The company has portrayed a great example of how traditional diamond bridal jewelry can be curated with an aesthetic touch of technology.

The company may have started to sail its ship in 2006, but the founders of James Allen have put their 60 years of combined experience to lay the foundation of the company. Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler and Dean Lederman are the true heroes behind James Allen and established James Allen as a leader in the online diamond bridal jewelry market. They started James Allen with the sole mission of providing high-quality diamond jewelry to customers online.

James Allen has created a vast presence on social media platforms in just a few years. You would be amazed to know that the company has a collection of more than 500,000 conflict-free diamond of great quality. And with an average rating of 4.2, James Allen has truly set the benchmark for the best diamond bridal jewelry retailers worldwide.     

What Is James Allen Known For?

James Allen has completely changed the way of shopping diamond jewelry. It has brought the revolutionized way to buy diamond jewelry online to the forefront. The diamond display technology of James Allen allows the customers to get a 360-degree high-quality view to explore the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat) and to understand their diamond better. 

In case you want to meet its experts to design your jewelry personally, you can visit the lavish showrooms of the company. The exclusive showrooms of James Allen are located in New York, Maryland and Washington, where the friendly and welcoming gemologists on staff will design a piece of diamond jewelry for you which will add character to your outfit. 

You don’t have to worry about the quality of your diamond jewelry when you are buying from James Allen. The amazing diamond display technology and a collection of 500,000+ diamonds and that too handpicked, are enough to ensure the quality of your jewelry.         

What Will You See On The Landing Page?

landing page of James Allen

The landing page is the most exciting part of any website that creates an impression on the buyers’ minds. The landing page of James Allen is designed in a way that is not just appealing but also apprehensible.

Let’s quickly explore what you will see when you land on the official website of James Allen. 

Home Page: The First Impression

When you first open the website, you will see the latest discounts and exclusive offers on jewelry, depending on the festive season or some special occasion. In addition to that, there is an incredible portrayal of the company’s different jewelry that quickly captures your attention. The company understands the joy of giving and always comes up with new and exciting offers on its stunning collection of diamond jewelry. 

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

The creative minds of James Allen have put their thoughts into designing the company’s website. They designed the homepage of the website in a way that customers find adding their favorite piece of jewelry to the cart very easy.  

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Just below the exclusive offerings, when you scroll down a bit, there is a ‘design your own engagement ring’ section. You can either select a ring setting or centerstone to start designing your engagement ring. The stunning collection of beautiful and dramatic ring settings displayed on the website will surely steal your attention. 

Unique Jewelry Segment

Unique Jewelry Segment

When you scroll down a bit from the ‘design your own engagement ring’ section, you will see that there is a separate section for wedding & anniversary jewelry, fine jewelry and engagement rings. Each section serves a different purpose as you will find the finest collection of different jewelry pieces in each section that are artistically designed to complement your appearance. 

Best Selling Engagement Rings

Best Selling Engagement Rings

This section of James Allen’s home page displays the most appreciated and admired engagement rings. So, if you wish to buy the most coveted engagement ring for your partner, then this section will help you select a marvellous piece that will elevate her overall appearance.

Real-Time Interactive Diamond Inspection

Real-Time Interactive Diamond Inspection

Picture this: you’re chatting with your diamond expert and getting your diamond checked, isn’t it exciting? James Allen’s real-time interactive feature allows you to have a closer look at your diamond in 360° HD. The 40x magnification of the diamond will give you real-time exposure to your diamond. While consulting with their gemologist about your diamond, you can check all the details from specs to grading certificates.

Experience The Diamond Revolution

Experience The Diamond Revolution

When you scroll down a bit after the real-time interactive diamond inspection, you will come across one of the coolest features provided by James Allen. With the 360° view and zoom in up to 40x, you will have an exceptional excursion of one of the world’s biggest collections of loose diamonds. You will get great exposure to all the different cuts of diamonds to know which would go perfectly well with your personality. 

The Crowning Jewels

The Crowning Jewels

This is the most amazing section of James Allen’s home page. Here, you will see the most unique and luxurious handcrafted diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces grouped into different segments – eternity rings, gemstone jewelry, men’s wedding rings and diamond studs. Whether it’s your birthday, engagement or any special occasion, this section will provide you with eye-catching jewelry options that will light up any special event.

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen!

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen!

As we said earlier, the company is funded by the customers’ trust and love. And this section is the proof where you will get to know about so many successful engagement moments. The stories in this section will let you take an excursion of the couple’s engagement and proposal stories where the awe-inspiring engagement rings from James Allen witnessed the romantic moment. These stories will surely inspire you to get a beautiful piece of engagement ring from James Allen.

Let’s Explore The User Interface

Indeed, the website’s home page captures the attention and leaves an unfathomable impression on visitors’ minds. Whether you want to design a perfect diamond ring for yourself or explore unique jewelry options, you will get all the options available on the homepage. 

Well, James Allen’s home page has more to offer. The top section of the home page has many other options that will make designing your diamond and gemstone jewelry even more feasible.

Engagement Rings

Are you looking for the perfect ring for your partner? Well, James Allen has the most classic and lavish engagement ring collections that will gratify your need for a unique and beautiful ring. The very first section on the top of the website is ‘engagement ring.’ This will provide you with a plethora of engagement ring options where you can either design a beautiful ring or pick a stunning piece from ready-to-ship engagement rings for yourself.

The captivating designer engagement ring styles, various metal types and diamond shapes & cuts allow you to design the ring that represents your partner’s true personality. 

Wedding Rings

Built with passion, dedication and hard work, James Allen understands your deep-hearted emotion connected to your forever ring – the wedding ring. This is why the wedding ring section is designed for those who want to commemorate their everlasting love with an eye-catching ring. Whether it’s men or women, the wedding ring section of the company has everything that will make you stand out.


Want a thorough inspection of your diamond to ensure its quality? If yes, then the diamonds tab on the top of the home page is especially dedicated to you. Moreover, you will get natural and lab-created diamond options in various shapes and sizes. Though the designing process of diamond jewelry is very easy and quick, you may face a bit of trouble processing the designing steps. 

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If you want a color gemstone for your one and only engagement ring, then this tab will help you select a piece from the enticing collection of precious gemstones – ruby, sapphire and emerald. This section allows you to curate a perfect piece of color gemstone jewelry by offering you hundreds of color gemstones and jewelry designs. 

Fine Jewelry

James Allen believes in making your special day even more special with its hand-crafted diamond, gemstone and pearl jewelry. You can also design a piece of breathtaking jewelry depending on the occasion. The fine jewelry section also offers a ‘your taste, your choice’ feature to all its customers where you can shop jewelry by metal, holiday, occasion and price. 


This entire section is dedicated to educate you about the history, origin, mineral components & 4 Cs of diamonds and color gemstones. This section will enlighten you about metal types, ring settings and much more. Whenever you feel like you want to know about gemstones, diamonds or anything related to jewelry, this section will surely help you. 

How To Buy From James Allen

Whether you want to design a piece of stunning jewelry or select from ready-to-ship products, James Allen has everything you need in your jewelry. Adding your favorite diamond and gemstone jewelry is as easy as pie. Their user-friendly interface will allow you to design the jewelry of your dream. 

If you have some unique design in your mind, then the craftsmen on staff will bring your imagination to reality. 

Virtual Ring Sizer

Virtual ring sizer

Not sure what ring size is? Don’t worry! The incredible feature of James Allen will help you know your ring size. This feature will help you get an exact idea about the size of your ring by using a card or a ruler. You can also measure the size of your finger with a string & ruler and get an idea of your ring size using a measurement calculator. A separate video has been provided on the website for your guidance. 

Pros And Cons Of James Allen

Though the website is very appealing and user-friendly, some of the negative points might create trouble in your jewelry shopping. Let’s get started with the pros and cons of James Allen. 

Pros Of James Allen

  • 360° display technology with 40X zoom provides clear images of diamonds and gemstones. 
  • Easy to operate user interface.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Jewelry insurance, lifetime warranty, financing options and 1 year free resizing facility.
  • All certified gemstones. 
  • One of the best bridal diamond jewelry collections. 
  • The engagement stories wall attracts customers and portrays a great image of the company. 

Cons of James Allen

  • Availability of only three gemstones – ruby, emerald and sapphire. 
  • The designing process of jewelry takes time to reach the checkout step. 
  • The company’s major focus is on diamond jewelry.   

What Customers Say About James Allen?

The quality, services to customers and dedication to excellence has made James Allen a strong leader in the online diamond jewelry market. Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Yelp and The Knot have rated James Allen as one of the most trusted online diamond jewelry platforms. Below you can see what customers think about James Allen. 

“Seamless Shopping-Great Result

We’re very happy with how the engagement ring came out. My fiancé loves it and the shopping process was very easy and user friendly. I found it much easier than working a traditional jeweler store. They have plenty of educational information on the 5 Cs too.”

“Beautiful Ring

I was worried about buying this ring online since I wouldn’t be able to see it in person until it was shipped to me. However, it came out better than I could have hoped. The customer service worked with me through several different questions and changes I had wanted to make. This was a very pleasant and positive shopping experience.”

Should You Buy From James Allen?

The answer is Yes. Considering the quality, personal assistance, and global goodwill, James Allen is the right place if you want to add a distinctive piece of jewelry to your collection. The in-house experts of James Allen will help you design the jewelry of your dreams. 

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