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Angara has deep roots in gemstone cutting, polishing, and design. For generations, they have been dealing in precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites, Diamonds and many others. Currently Angara ships and delights its customers in 64 countries worldwide, but its primary customer base is in the USA. From stone-cutting to shipping the final product to the end customer Angara has all the departments in-house.


Let us start this Angara review with the achievements of the company. Leading American magazine Newsweek recognized Angara as the best online jeweler in its “Best Online Shops 2020” rankings. The company has also received the highest rating in the fashion and accessories space. It was placed 6th out of more than 9,500 e-commerce sites across the internet.

It is worth mentioning that Forbes, Crain’s, Women’s Wear Daily, Daily Candy, and Harvard Business Review wrote about Angara’s success. But like other customer-centric companies, the company’s biggest achievement is its happy customers and their testimonials. 

Landing Page And User Interface

The landing page of Angara is user-friendly and well-organized. At the top, you will see a banner regarding the ongoing sale with a coupon code on it. When you click the banner, you will be redirected to the page of assorted jewelry pieces where you can use the coupon code to get attractive discounts. 

You can scroll down to find different categories of jewels such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You can choose the best jewels for yourself from these categories. At Angara, you can easily find the jewelry of your dreams by using different filters, such as jewelry styles, gemstone sizes, shapes and metal types. 


Before diving into our Angara jewelry review, it’s significant to understand that its pieces aren’t inexpensive. This shouldn’t be shocking because designs and styles available on the website justify prices very well. There is no getting around the value of fine jewels and precious metals unless you mine them yourself, which is not practically possible for everyone.

For each style of jewelry, there are hundreds or thousands of options. The approximate price range for rings is $119 to $68,700, not counting the price of engagement and wedding rings. For earrings, bracelets and necklaces, the approximate price range is $99 to $68600, $119 to $62119, and $99 to $71700 respectively. In a nutshell, fancy jewels will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you can settle for the basic jewels, you can probably get them within your budget.  

Money Saving Tip: You can lower the cost of items you like by getting your jewel in the sale.

Variations To Choose From

To make your jewelry more personal or in other words to mix your creativity with the artwork of professionals at Angara, you can choose from different available attributes. These attributes include ring design, gemstone type, gemstone size, metal type, etc. The website’s user interface is very easy to understand, making the whole jewelry creation process fast and smooth. 

Angara’s Ring Collection

Rings are the best-selling jewels for any online or offline jewelry seller so let us review some of the most appealing ring designs

Morganite Halo Ring

Morganite halo ring

One of the best jewelry pieces out of all the sections is a morganite halo ring with accent diamonds that instantly grabs your attention. The peachy pink morganite supplements the rose, white and yellow gold very well. This delicate pink blend is raised by the precious stone which was first found in Madagascar. You can customize this ring and get it engraved as well.

Diamond accents on the ring not only encircle the center stone but also decorate the ring’s shank. The ratio of accent diamonds to the center stone is 1.10-carat morganite and 0.34-carat diamond.

Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring

See that dark blue sapphire. Assume that you’re getting drawn in the clean blue water because blue sapphire looks like an ocean and surrounding diamonds add to its beauty. The Shank of the ring is kept simple yet beautiful on which the center stone and surrounding diamonds are set in a prong setting. The ring is very lightweight and easy to care for. The best part is you also get one free resizing option. It means that you can get your ring resized for free once after your purchase. 

Angara’s Earring Collection

Earring is a close-to-heart accessory for a woman. It is hard to find a woman with nothing in her earlobes. Angara has a wide range of gemstone earrings with different designs and settings. At Angara, you can find earrings for every outfit and every occasion. A huge collection of earrings will not even let you blink and go anywhere else.

Here are some hand-picked splendid earrings from Angara.  

Six Petal Diamond and Ruby Flower Stud Earrings

Six Petal Diamond and Ruby Flower Stud Earrings

Red is the all time favorite color of every woman and if a jewel looks like a flower, a woman cannot resist it. The same thing goes with these ruby earrings. This pair of earrings have diamonds studded in the center of the earrings and each earring has 6 prongs that beautifully hold the center diamond and rubies. 

Pave-Set Diamond Hinged Hoop Earrings


This time we have picked party wear earrings. These diamond earrings have a pave setting of diamonds. Sparkling diamonds perfectly match your personality and complement your party attire. The grace of diamonds can never be hidden from a jewelry enthusiast, so if you are wearing these earrings, you can expect extra attention. 

Angara’s Pendant Collection

A pendant is an accessory that is the first choice of women for their everyday accessorizing needs. So you might be eager to read a quick review about the pendants at Angara. The website has over 1000 pendants and they are enough to serve your purpose of gifting, accessorizing, and adding spice to the curry of your overall appearance. It is worth knowing that all the pendants do not come with the chain. Let us explore some epic pendants you can get from Angara.

Freshwater Pearl Solitaire Pendant with Diamond

Freshwater Pearl Solitaire Pendant with Diamond

Pearl is known to bring calmness and peace and gifting a pearl to your loved ones can bring focus and bliss to their life. The combination of both pearl and diamond is something that makes this pendant special because one of them is a symbol of fire and brilliance and the other one is the symbol of calmness and stability. 

Channel-Set Round Aquamarine Three Stone Journey Pendant

Aquamarine Three Stone Journey Pendant

You might have seen many pendant designs, but most of them look simple and are hardly able to make room for themselves in your overall appearance. Usually, your other accessories dominate over your pendant. But surprisingly, this is not the case with this pendant. This aquamarine pendant has the sparkle of 3 gemstones which are linearly studded in a channel setting and the last one is set in a prong setting. The 18 inches long 14K Gold chain coming free with the pendant is the cherry on the cake. The only con of this pendant is that you will not be getting even a tiny piece of diamond.

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Angara’s Bracelet Collection

Let us proceed further to review an accessory that is for everyone. A bracelet is for those who love to flaunt gemstones and precious metals. Angara has a variety of tennis, chain, and fashion bracelets, but I have found these two the most astonishing ones. Let’s quickly review them. 

Nature Inspired Tree Branch Emerald Bracelet

Tree Branch Emerald Bracelet

Directly or indirectly, everyone is talking about the environment and environmental changes these days. Angara understands that going green is the new black and this is why they’ve designed a jewel that perfectly defines the beauty of nature. The pendant has emeralds studded on a branch-type structure. In a gold chain, the bracelet looks like a beautiful tree trunk. You might have heard that most beautiful things are delicate; the same thing goes with this bracelet. 

Round Diamond ‘X’ Motif Stackable Bracelet

Diamond 'X' Motif Stackable Bracelet

Diamonds are the most preferred stones for thousands of reasons. Brilliance and sparkle of diamonds are one of those thousands of reasons. This bracelet has a cross-linked chain with round-shaped diamonds studded between them. It has a whopping number of 35 diamonds that give you the feel of luxury. Angara gives you the choice of yellow, white and rose gold for this bracelet. 

Shipping And Return Policy

This is something all of us look at before purchasing anything online. This is the reason we have included this aspect in our Angara review. So let us find out how many marks Angara gets on these parameters.  

Angara Provides Free shipping to the USA and to many other countries, but if you need your jewel on any specific date or a little early, then you can choose from these shipping plans.

Shipping Options
Domestic Shipping (Within USA)
Shipping Type Price Estimated Shipping Time
Standard Shipping Free 4-5 Business days
Express Shipping US $15 2-3 Business days
Saturday Delivery US $30 Delivered on Saturdays

Return Policy

Angara is a customer-centric company and provides its customers the ease to return or exchange products. Along with this, you get one-time resizing for free. Angara also gives free return shipping for US domestic orders. For returns, you need to abide by terms and conditions such as you can claim returns within 30 days of the shipping date and the item should be unused.


You will get a lifetime warranty for the products sold at Angara. The company stands behind its products and ensures that all jewelry pieces should be free from manufacturing defects. Still, in the case of any flaw, you can take advantage of the warranty.

In addition to a lifetime warranty, you will get free services that are:

  • Cleaning
  • Re-polishing
  • Gemstone and/or diamond tightening
  • Re-Rhodium Plating 

Checkout And Payment Methods

The checkout process of the website is smooth. If you have your details already saved on the website, you can complete your purchase in just a few seconds. So we can say that the checkout process of Angara is very smooth. Now let us talk about the payment methods. The website allows you to make payments with your preferred payment method. At Angara, you can get the jewel of your dreams in easy installments, so if you are dreaming about an expensive jewelry piece for your loved one, then Angara can make your dream come true.

Final Words

We have dived deep into the user interface of all the prominent categories of Angara and found no major cons. There are some small things, such as some pendants are available without chains and sometimes the web page takes more time than expected to load. These cons can be ignored as the quality and service of Angara is appreciable. So we can say that you can boldly shop from Angara; their quality standards and service will never let you down. If you also have a shopping experience with Angara, you can also share a short Angara review in the comment box.

I am a seasoned blogger and writing for Gems and Jewelry Industry since 2012.

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