5 Reasons Why Platinum Is A Great Choice For Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is coveted far and near, and for good reason – it’s appealing, hypoallergenic and scratch resistant. Platinum is one of the types of noble metals that are extremely beautiful and glamorous. It’s grayish-white in color and considered the rarest precious metal. To be precise, platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. So, it’s beyond question whether platinum is costlier than gold.

But, what’s the lure of platinum jewelry? What are the reasons that make platinum a great choice for jewelry? Why is this metal so greatly desired among the masses despite costing the earth? This article will answer all your questions relating to the ever-so-perpetual popularity of platinum in jewelry.

platinum bracelet

Dependable Durability

If you’re the kind of person who lives an active lifestyle then platinum jewelry is the one you should go for. Investing in jewelry made with platinum works wonders for those who are always rushed off their feet because this metal is dense and scratch resistant. This type of metal fits an active lifestyle like nothing else does. One of the main prerequisites that we expect a jewelry piece to fulfill is endurance. The dependable durability that platinum offers is beyond comparison.

Compared to other precious metals that are kind of brittle and susceptible to cracking and breaking, platinum is considered a more durable metal because of its high density and supreme wear resistance. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people choose platinum jewelry. An engagement ring is meant to be worn every day for the rest of the life of the wearer. So, it’s important to choose an engagement ring that’s fashioned in platinum.

Enduring Sheen

Apart from the dependable durability of platinum jewelry, the next best reason for its every-so growing popularity is its enduring sheen. Because platinum maintains its beautiful white color and the fact that it doesn’t tarnish, this metal is an excellent choice for jewelry. Ancient Egyptians used this metal in jewelry because of its long-lasting sheen.

platinum necklace

Out of all the attractive and appealing qualities of this metal, this one makes platinum jewelry stand out from the rest and can be attributed for platinum’s prestigious reputation. Platinum’s durable sheen also makes it a great fit for heirloom jewelry. Moreover, platinum doesn’t even wear away. All precious metals scratch and wear away. However, that’s not the case with platinum.

If you incur any scratches on your platinum jewelry, it doesn’t wear away. Over time, the scratches on jewelry embellished with platinum come together and reflect a matte finish that adds to its beauty. The superior wear resistance of platinum maintains its sheen in the long term.

Hypoallergenic Metal

Did you know that platinum is a hypoallergenic metal? Well, now you do, and that’s the third-best quality of platinum jewelry that makes it a cut above the rest. You should always customize a jewelry piece in a metal that suits your skin and skin tone. Because certain metal alloys cause skin allergies, picking a metal that goes comfortably on your skin is ideal to avoid any disappointment later.

However, if you’re not sure about which metal suits your skin then you can rely upon platinum. That’s because platinum is a hypoallergenic metal and, thus, an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. People with skin sensitivities always choose platinum jewelry. Because platinum is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, there’s not an ounce of doubt in admitting that this metal is a great choice for jewelry.

platinum ring

Great Malleability

Another great reason why platinum jewelry is calling the shots in the present times is the malleability of platinum. This metal can be drawn into different shapes to fit the design of a jewelry piece. That’s the reason why jewelers and indie designers always use platinum for creating intricately designed jewelry pieces.

The idea of wearing jewelry comes out of the urge to look beautiful, which makes you want to design a jewelry piece that stands out in design like nothing else does. If you’re thinking of bringing that intricately designed fascinating jewelry piece of your dream to life then you can fashion it in platinum. Platinum jewelry has something way more than meets the eye.

Utter Purity

When we think of getting a jewelry piece, we try to invest in a jewelry piece that’s, if not fully, substantially pure. That’s why platinum makes a great choice for jewelry. Compared to a jewelry piece embellished with gold that is probably a mix of metals and alloys, a platinum jewelry piece will contain almost 100 percent platinum.

Even the most common platinum alloys are a combination of 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium or 95 percent platinum and 5 percent ruthenium. In that sense, it can be said that the beautiful and enduring silvery hue of platinum can be attributed to the higher concentration of platinum compared to other alloys. This is the reason why a platinum jewelry piece is highly coveted among the masses in terms of engagement rings and wedding rings.

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The Bottom Line

The type of metal you choose for your jewelry piece affects everything from your comfort to the life of the jewelry piece. That’s the reason why choosing a platinum jewelry piece is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Platinum is beautiful, durable, and above all, hypoallergenic. This is one such noble metal that you can trust even when you’re thinking of fashioning a jewelry piece for your loved one. Because platinum is a hypoallergenic metal, it’s best for people who have sensitive skin.

If you’re thinking of surprising your loved one with a jewelry piece but are confused because you don’t know which metal suits their skin and skin tone then you can always trust platinum. So, these were some of the best reasons why platinum is a great choice for jewelry. Now that you know it all, it’s about time you invested in a jewelry piece adorned in platinum. So, what are you waiting for? Start fashioning the platinum jewelry piece of your dreams now!


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