Brilliant Earth Review

Overview Of Brilliant Earth

In 2005, Brilliant Earth started off its journey towards raising the ethical standards of the diamond industry and introducing an off-the-wall way to buy diamond jewelry. The company believes in delivering the best quality natural and lab-created diamond jewelry to its customers worldwide. 

The commitment of the company to curate ethically and eco-friendly jewelry with all responsibly sourced diamonds is what makes it one of the most trusted diamond jewelry retailers. 

The meaningful green leaf logo, recyclable wooden packaging and responsible sourcing of diamonds of the company are a true representation of its ethics and conscience.   

A Bit About The Founders

Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, the founders of Brilliant Earth, had the vision to make a pre-eminent revolution in the diamond jewelry industry. They sensed that most of the diamond-sourcing processes are not environment-friendly and now nature really needs fresh air. So, they decided to cultivate a transparent, sustainable, compassionate and inclusive jewelry industry.

What Is Brilliant Earth Known For?

Brilliant Earth is vastly known for its ethical approach to crafting wedding and engagement rings. The company only uses conflict-free diamonds and recyclable metal to design the jewelry of your dreams. You would be startled to know that Brilliant Earth is one of the first jewelry designing companies that introduced blockchain-enabled technology to track the diamond’s origin and ownership. To diminish the negative impacts of metal on the environment, the company uses 100% recycled metal, reflecting its commitment to designing environment-friendly jewelry.

Other than that, the in-house experts of Brilliant Earth are dedicated to helping its customers design an incomparable piece of diamond jewelry. The craftsmanship of Brilliant Earth’s jewelry is beautiful and unique, making your special day worth remembering. 

Is diamond not your cup of tea? Don’t worry!!! Brilliant Earth has got you covered here. The company has a full beans color gemstone collection that will quickly capture your attention. The color gemstone collection of Brilliant Earth includes sapphire, morganite, aquamarine and moissanite known as the most coveted color gemstones among jewelry admirers.  

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The Landing Page: What Will You See First?

The landing page of Brilliant Earth has been designed creatively and the creative minds of the company have put their wholehearted efforts into designing the website. The landing page of the company is very simple and easy to understand. 

Let’s quickly take a tour of the landing page of the company.

Home Page

brilliant earth home page

The appearance of the home page matters a lot and the company is very well aware of that. So, when you first open the website of Brilliant Earth, you will see that the company has kept it as easy as falling off a log. The latest and exclusive offers on diamond and color gemstones jewelry are always there to capture your eyes. 

Shop Diamonds By Shape

If things are perplexing, then nobody will be interested in what you are selling. And the company is very well up on that. When you scroll down from the home page, you will notice the shop diamond by shape section. You can select the shape of your diamond through this section and later design a marvellous piece of diamond engagement ring for your woman. 

In this section, both natural and lab-created diamonds are available. You can choose either of them to design your unique piece of diamond jewelry. 

Interesting Fact: When you click on any diamond shape, there is a little information about that shape given right below the page. This is very interesting as it instantly captures the attention of buyers.

Shop By Category

Brilliant earth category page

The shop-by-category section is highly dedicated to give a better shopping experience to the buyers with the company. In this section, there are various jewelry categories from which you can pick the one you wish to buy. Whether it’s a special occasion, party or casual gathering, this category will offer you a range of options to style yourself uniquely for all the events. 

Festive Offer

Just below the shop-by-category section, there is another section that offers great deals on jewelry to the customers, depending upon the current occasion like Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, etc. So, if you’re planning to buy an exceptional piece of jewelry and looking for some awesome deals, the festive offer section is for you. 

Trendy Jewelry Section

brilliant earth trendy jewelry section

If you don’t know what the hot jewelry trends are, then this section is for you. This section has three major categories – hidden halos, contoured rings and nature-inspired. All three ring styles are from old times but their charm is still intact. The dramatic designs and embellishment of diamonds on these rings are some of the key reasons why they are still in trend. 

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Most Loved Engagement Rings

Most Loved Engagement Rings

This is the section where the most popular and loved engagement rings are displayed. If you’re confused about what engagement ring setting will complement your personality, then this section will help you decide on a ring that will go perfectly well with your style. This section will give you an idea about what you want in your engagement ring.  

What About The User Interface?

The user interface of the company has been designed creatively. All the necessary options required to design a beautiful piece of jewelry are given at the top section of the home page. These options will give you a better jewelry shopping experience. 

Let’s get to know what you will see in the top section.  

Engagement Rings

Do you want to curate your diamond engagement ring by style, metal, shape or setting? If yes, then this section has all that you need. The company provides you with a whole bunch of options to design a beautiful diamond engagement ring that captures attention from everywhere. 

Want to add a personal touch to your engagement ring? Then don’t worry!!! The company also has a customization option through which you can personalize your engagement ring the way you want. And, if you’re a bride-to-be, then the bridal set option will help you pick a perfect piece to make your wedding day worth remembering. 

However, this section has a very limited variety of engagement rings that might disappoint you when you want something unique. Adding more unique and fancy engagement ring styles could make this section more amazing.   

Wedding Rings

Right next to the engagement rings section, there is a wedding rings tab that has a great many wedding ring options for both men and women. This section has a variety of ring options, including wedding rings, anniversary rings, stackable rings, metal rings and more to add a unique touch to your outfit.


Well, this section is entirely dedicated to provide you with all the diamond jewelry options. You can find both natural and lab-created diamonds in this section. If you are bored of colorless diamonds, then this tab also has colored diamond option that will tickle your fancy. You can easily design rings, earrings and necklaces using the diamonds tab.

Though this section is a great option if you want to design your diamond jewelry, I have found the image quality a bit low compared to its direct competitors. 


Brilliant Earth knows that not everybody is a lover of diamonds and this is why it has added a gemstone option where you can find different color gemstone options. You can also design a color gemstone ring using this tab. Well, if you are looking for a large collection of colored gemstones, then you may have to consider other online retailers because the company has a very limited range of colored gemstones.  


You can design all types of diamond jewelry using this feature. You can either shop by style or create your own diamond jewelry here. Other than that, you will get engravable jewelry, cocktail rings, symbolic rings and many other jewelry options to make your jewelry more personal. 


Want to gift a stunning piece of jewelry to your loved ones? If yes, then this tab is for you. This tab is specially personalized by the creative minds of the company to give you some amazing jewelry gift options depending on the occasion. 

What Is The Process To Buy From Brilliant Earth?

Buying a beautiful piece of jewelry from Brilliant Earth is childsplay. You can start by designing your jewelry either by selecting the jewelry setting or the shape of the stone. Their user-friendly interface is very easy to understand and operate. If you have a unique jewelry design in your mind, then the in-house experts of Brilliant Earth will curate the jewelry of your dreams. 

Positives And Negatives Of Brilliant Earth


  • Blockchain technology to track the origin and ownership of diamonds.
  • Provides conflict-free diamonds.
  • A certain portion of precious metals used in jewelry making comes from recycled material.
  • The jewelry packaging is impressive and is made of recycled material.
  • Free shipping to the US, Australia and Canada. 
  • Free Lifetime Warranty.


  • Very few varieties of colored gemstones. 
  • Prices are a bit high compared to other jewelry retailers. 

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What Consumers Think About Brilliant Earth?

With its unique and sustainable diamond jewelry idea, Brilliant Earth has emerged as a market leader in the diamond jewelry market. The knot, wedding wire and site Jabber are some of the rating websites that have rated the company as one of the trusted jewelry companies. 

Let’s have a look at what customers say about the company.  

“Brilliant Earth has a wide range of diamonds to offer, with ten different styles, multiple carats, cuts, and colors. Their selection of Lab Diamonds and Lab Created Colored Diamonds is unmatched. “

“For me, the real pick is the blockchain-tracked diamonds – a really awesome innovation that allows you to be certain of the origin of the stone and knowing the backstory of such a financially and emotionally significant purchase really appeals.”

“Aside from blockchain, Brilliant Earth puts a heavy emphasis on recycled jewelry. Most of their ring settings are recycled. Metal mining is a tremendous strain on the environment and using recycled metals helps them be more environmentally conscious.”

Can We Buy Jewelry On Installments?

Yes. The company provides financing options on your jewelry purchase. The financing options of the company are very easy and reliable. You can get an installment plan for your jewelry for up to 36 months at affordable interest rates, depending on your portfolio.

Final Verdict…

If you want assurance of the quality and origin of your diamond, you can consider buying from Brilliant Earth. A piece of jewelry from Brilliant Earth will surely add character to your outfit.     

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