Buy Loose Gemstones at Wholesale Prices for Affordable Jewelry

Every woman desires every kind of gemstone jewelry in her collection. A pair of sparkling ruby studs, a dazzling emerald pendant and a vibrant sapphire ring to name a few. It may not be easily affordable to buy them off the shelf or the jewel may not accessorize perfectly with your favorite dress. In such situations, it is advisable to buy loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds of your choice and creatively set them in studs, rings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets.

One of the reasons why you should consider buying loose gemstones is because buying them loose is certainly going to take a lot of pressure off your wallet. Loose gemstones cost fifteen to twenty percent less (if not more) than what they would otherwise if set in jewelry. This means you can get a larger or better stone within the same budget that you’ve already allocated.

Another advantage of buying loose gemstones comes at times when you are not sure of your precise requirement or desire. In such situations it is better to go for loose gemstones and later set in your desired ring or pendant. Many times you find marvelous pairs of gemstones in loose such as a pair of rubies or emeralds or sapphires etc. Won’t you want to get them made into a matching jewelry set? I’m sure you would. 

Pairs of sapphire rubies emerald

Buying loose gemstones also gives you freedom to design your jewelry piece around it. For example, if you wish to add a ruby pendant to your collection, you can design your pendant necklace in a better way when you have a ruby or some ruby gemstones as compared to looking for your desired style in some readymade pieces.

A few selected jewelers offer loose gemstones at wholesale prices, thus considerably reducing the cost and moreover you get your choice of color, shape, cut, size and clarity. The process of buying these loose stones and building your own jewels is simple. Loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds must be bought from genuine wholesale jewelers who would be able to provide you the same at discounted wholesale prices. It is suggested that a certificate of authenticity be obtained from the relevant jeweler. 

man & a woman wearing similar rings

If you are wondering how a seller would be able to offer you gemstones at affordable prices, then the answer is simple. These sellers are not small-time retailers but rather large players in the industry who have the means to procure gemstones directly from the source thereby significantly reducing the middleman’s margin. These sellers/jewelers typically have a huge inventory of gemstones which they keep on replenishing.

Before you set out to buy these precious stones, it is advantageous if you have a design or a jewel setting in mind as this will enable you to select your loose rubies, loose sapphires or loose emeralds accordingly. Especially, the cut and size greatly influence the jewel setting and therefore care should be taken while choosing them. 

You don’t need to buy and also set the jewels at the same place; two different jewelers may be approached for a good bargain. Before the jeweler processes your design with your choice of gemstone, an image of the same must be previewed to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final appearance of your studs, ring, pendant, necklace or bracelet. 

Two jewelry stores side by side

Next time when you wish to add beautiful jewelry to your collection, explore this option of choosing loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds to set your unique jewel, and take home a sparkling piece at an affordable wholesale price. Buying loose gemstones at wholesale prices does not entail that you need to buy in wholesale quantities; it simply means that a few dollars saved is a few dollars earned.

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