Embrace The Goodness Of Astrological Gemstones With Stylish Jewelry

Gemstones are said to have profound effects on the life of the wearer particularly when the skin gets in contact with a stone. Each planet in the horoscope of a person can be influenced by wearing a gemstone dedicated to that planet. Every stone has astrological relevance; some bring auspicious results while others might bring inauspicious outcomes. 

All of us want to harness the energies of gemstones to augment the power of our stars by harnessing the goodness of astrological gemstones. Since ancient times the precious gemstones have been credited with possessing the power to influence life’s experiences. Historical evidence and stories are testimony to it. Elaborate ornaments and a range of jewelry were specially crafted for this purpose. 

In contemporary times too, the effects of these stones are being acknowledged. For those who have belief in the energies that surround the astrological precious stones and wish to wear them, it is suggested that they custom-design an appropriate jewel. This way you will have your choice of stone, setting, metal and design. 

Man sitting in a car, wearing a gemstone ring

The first step requires an accurate selection of stones. Gemstones with good clarity and limited blemishes are recommended. Most popular precious gems for Vedic purposes include blue sapphire, white sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, diamond and ruby. 

Before you decide which of these gemstones is suitable for you let’s see some advantages these gemstones are known to bestow upon us.

Blue sapphire is considered a very powerful gemstone that exerts direct impact on your professional standing. It represents planet Saturn and can unimaginably improve your financial condition and status if it suits you astrologically. 

blue sapphire in various shades of blue

White sapphire is said to represent Venus and wearing a good quality white sapphire can enhance your overall happiness. It can bring you increased opportunities to create more wealth.

white sapphire in various shades

Yellow sapphire is yet another amazing astrological gemstone with tremendous benefits. It represents planet Jupiter, the lord of wisdom and knowledge. Wearing a yellow sapphire will enhance your mental abilities. You can also find yourself better at controlling anger not to mention the increased mental peace and courage.

yellow sapphire in various shades

Emerald is termed as the stone of prosperity, in astrology.  It is particularly helpful to those in the field of banking, insurance, stock trading etc. In astrology, emeralds are associated with planet Mercury.

Diamond needs no introduction. It is perhaps the only stone that suits everyone irrespective of the zodiac sign even though Virgos and Librans stand to gain the most by wearing it. It improves your mental health and gives clarity in decision making thereby boosting your confidence.

emerald in various shades

Ruby is generally associated with the Sun, in astrology. Wearing a ruby can bring you name and fame. It can also land you in a position of authority & luxury. Apart from improving health, ruby is said to improve paternal relationships.

ruby  in various shades

Now that you are aware of some of the core astrological benefits of some of the prime gemstones, you can choose the stone that complements you astrologically, and then decide on the jewel, whether it would be a ring or a pendant. The stones are expected to touch the skin for reaping maximum benefits and therefore a ring or a pendant is most appropriate. 

Since you would be wearing your astrological jewel most of the time, it becomes important that the design has a comfortable fit. Your ring or pendant will become an integral part of your being and as such you should choose a setting & design it in a way that you don’t get bored after wearing it for some time. 

Another important factor in the design is that it must be simple and elegant as a more intricate design will have less of the stone touching the skin. If a pendant is chosen then care should be taken that it remains steady and does not topple with your movements. 

Taking care of these aspects ensures that your astrological jewels are useful to you and you are able to receive its influences the most. 


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