Buy loose sapphires, loose rubies and loose emeralds to create dazzling pendants

Pendants crafted with beautifully shaped sapphire, ruby, or emerald are worth your collection. But, the choice of its shape and cut and also the choice of the gemstone are personal. To possess a truly satisfying pendant we suggest you choose and buy loose sapphires or loose rubies or loose emeralds and get the pendant made through a jeweler.

Loose Sapphires

A few popular settings for the pendant are; setting with side stones, three-stone pendants, and solitaire pendants. Based on these pendant settings or any other pendant setting you might have come across select loose precious stones. Also, keep in mind your dresses that the pendant will accessorize perfectly.

Pendants made with loose rubies complement most of the pale as well as dark color dresses owing to their red rich color. Loose sapphires selectively blend with attire as they are available in many distinct colors and need to be carefully chosen for pendants.

Loose Emeralds

Whereas the loose emeralds possess a mystical intense green color which may be royally highlighted in a pendant if worn with light shades. When you select these stones, it is suggested that besides being beautiful and accessorizing your wardrobe it needs to be within your planned cost of the pendant.

Loose Ruby

Thus, with loose rubies, loose sapphires, and loose emeralds create your own set of accessorizing pendants.

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