A Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring: Perfect For Your Queen

The philosophical shades of the mysterious sapphires have been alluring hearts and souls for ages. This multi-hued stone captivated the eyes and mesmerized the souls of millions and is still ruling the hearts with its vivid shades and sparkling luster. But the one which is the most popular and coveted by most jewelry admirers is blue-colored sapphires

These tantalizing stones have dark blue ocean-inspired hues with crystal clear depth and an irresistible blend of color saturation which makes them so lively and velvety. In this blog, we have shared some amazing and lesser-known facts about this magnetic stone which will make you yearn for it as your engagement or wedding ring centerstone.

blue sapphire stones

Mineral Composition & Durability

Sapphires are extracted from the mineral corundum with traces of other elements which give sapphires their multiple colors. Blue sapphire is a variety of corundum with extracts of iron or titanium found in igneous rock deposits. Secondary colors such as violet and purple are also found to complement the primary blues.

Since the mineral is rated 9 on the 10-point Mohs Hardness scale, the jewelry made out of sapphire could be worn every day without the fear of it getting scratched or damaged. This is what makes a sapphire engagement ring a viable option to be considered.

Mythological Beliefs & Historical Significance

This auspicious astrological stone is governed by the sixth planet of the solar system, Saturn, and has got several lores in its name. For instance, the Buddhists found blue sapphires to be the source of attaining spiritual enlightenment. Similarly, the Persians would believe that the sky reflects the cobalt hues of blue sapphires. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans would consider the stone a powerful element to ward off evil energy and revert bad luck. The people would wear them as amulets or rings to attract good luck and chastity. Some also believed that chronic, optical, and speech-related impairments could be treated with better results if the patient wears a blue sapphire stone.

Spiritual Relevance 

Blue Sapphires are well known for their transformational behavior and healing characteristics. They are associated with high self-confidence & decisiveness and are a symbol of prosperity & good fortune in personal as well as professional life. Also, blue sapphire is associated with the third eye chakra which is closely related to what one thinks. It can control the ideas and imagination power of the wearer and channelize it in the right direction. Hence, a blue sapphire could open blocked third-eye chakra and can cure ailments related to the eyes and nose.

Measuring the Quality & Cost 

The quality of the blue sapphire is measured by its luster, clarity, and its color which becomes the basis of its financial value. The color has three aspects: tone, saturation, and hue which have a major role to play in determining a sapphire’s quality. Hence, a fine-quality blue sapphire would have a medium to dark tone and a vivid saturation with a vibrant blue hue.

Varieties & Occurrences Around the World

Some of the renowned forms of blue sapphires you would find in the market are Burma  (Myanmar) sapphires, Kashmir sapphires (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphires, Australian sapphires, and Thailand sapphires.

These vivacious stones are mostly mined in Ceylon in Sri Lanka and Kashmir in India where fine-quality blue sapphires are produced. Apart from these, blue sapphire mines are also located in countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Montana (US), and more.

blue sapphire jewelry

Lab-treated Blue Sapphires

In order to maintain the vibrant blue hues of the sapphire, the natural ones often undergo heat treatment or beryllium diffusion, though the ones with natural blue shades are valued the most instead of the ones treated in labs.

A Perfect Centerpiece for Your Engagement Ring

The pious hues of the Sapphire act as the language of love and fidelity, representing the unbreakable commitment shared by the life partners. Hence, sapphire is one of a kind gemstone that you could curate as the center stone for your wedding or engagement ring

A blue sapphire engagement ring can bring out the charismatic hues of calmness and sincerity in your married life. It is symbolic of clarity, patience, loyalty, and determination which are the foundation stones of any marital relationship.

Parting Thoughts

Blue Sapphires are highly prestigious stones and have been celebrated for centuries for their ravishing hues and unparalleled clarity. So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest jeweler or browse online some of the latest trends in the world of blue sapphire rings to commemorate your love and commitment made to your partner.

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