5 Reasons to Propose with A Ruby Ring

You’ve practiced a thousand times in front of the mirror how you will say those words to make her yours forever. Also, you’ve made a list of some romantic lines with loving music tracks to propose to your only one.

Now, it’s time to select a ring that brings out a lovely smile on her face. A diamond ring crosses your mind when you think of an engagement ring. Let me tell you this, diamonds have now become so common for a proposal ring that it’s time to think of something new and unique. 

Ruby is the one that is unique and precious. From ancient times, it has long been associated with love, passion, and devotion. The fiery red color of the ruby is believed to ignite the spark of love and romance in you. 

Ruby was also revered by French Jewelers; they called Ruby ‘Dearly Loved Stone.’ This is why ruby is believed to be the perfect stone for proposals. Here are 5 reasons to propose to your partner an exceptional ruby ring. 

Rubies are Durable like Your Love

Rubies are Durable like Your Love

Your love for your partner is forever, and so is the ruby. Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones around. A ruby scores 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it a durable gemstone for decades.

Due to extreme hardness and durability, ruby makes the best engagement rings. Buy a majestic ruby engagement ring to propose to your partner and let your partner fall in love with you over and over again. 

You can make your engagement ring more spectacular by adding the sparkle of diamonds. Get a pave ring embedded with small diamonds on the shank to make it one of a kind.

Rubies are Symbols of Love and Passion

ruby ring with rose petals

Rubies have long been a representative of love and passion from antique times. Even in modern days, ruby is considered a valuable and unique gemstone. The passionate vibe of the red ruby engagement ring will mesmerize her and strengthen the roots of your relationship.

Get a beautiful ruby ring and make this ring a symbol of your love and endless care. If your partner likes a bold-designed ring with a rectangular shape and cropped cut, then an emerald-cut ruby will suit her style perfectly. 

Rubies are Precious like Your Love

Your love for her is precious, right? Then choose something that matches her personality. Ruby is one of the precious and beautiful red gemstones that belongs to the family of four precious gemstones – Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds, and Emeralds.

A gorgeous solitaire ruby engagement ring will help you impress your SO and make your proposal worth remembering. Select a decent place with romantic music, and when the time is right, pull out the ring, bend on one knee, and ask her to be yours forever.

If your partner likes to have two stones on the ring, you may go for sapphire and emerald. Sapphire and emerald are the best matches that look beautiful with ruby. 

Ruby is A Unique Choice

It’s a dream of everyone to propose their love in a way that takes her breath away. You may plan a romantic date on a beach or the place your SO likes. The engagement ring needs to be exclusively unique and beautiful which steals the attention of everyone in the room. 

Here comes the gorgeous ruby that will outshine all other gems when it comes to an engagement ring. Ruby is one of the rare and unique gemstones. The pigeon-blood red color of ruby is very rare to be found. Also, the deep red color of ruby tends to be expensive.

Buy a stunning unique ruby ring to propose to your partner and make your proposal extraordinary. Choose a striking ring setting to make your ruby ring look exceptional. A pave ring set with tiny diamonds on the shank will enhance the brightness of the center stone ruby.       

Ruby is Celebrities’ First Choice 

Katy Perry with her ruby ring

In today’s world, what celebrities wear has become a trend and fashion. While diamonds are so common when it comes to proposing your love, Ruby is breaking the trends and turning into a primary choice of celebrities for the proposal ring. 

If your partner follows the trend of celebrities, then the ruby ring won’t let you down. Ruby ring is one of the popular trends among Hollywood celebrities. Katy Perry, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Simpson got proposed with a beautiful ruby engagement ring. 

Buy a ruby ring that follows the style of Hollywood celebrities and propose to her in a full Rom-Com style. This will make your proposal day completely fantastic.

Now, I hope that you have gained a clear idea of how you will propose to your lady with the regal ruby ring. Buy a ruby engagement ring that suits the personality of your partner and propose to her to be a part of her life.

I am a seasoned blogger and writing for Gems and Jewelry Industry since 2012.

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