The Most Popular Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings

We just love diamonds! Whether it’s your engagement or wedding anniversary, diamonds are always on top of the list of jewelry gifts. We often find ourselves confused when we think of buying the perfect diamond cuts and shape. While every diamond cut is unique in itself, it’s not easy to find the one that suits your personality well. You have to be more attentive if you’re buying a diamond ring for your partner. 

Let me clarify, every diamond shape has its own significance, and you should be careful while buying one.

Let’s read through the most popular diamond cuts and their meanings.

1. Round-Diamond cut: A Simple and Elegant One

round cut diamond with the rough sketch

While other diamond cuts are struggling to be on the list of top demanded diamond cuts, the round cut is simply enjoying being on the top. 

This cut is simply made for women who like grace and minimalism in diamonds. If your woman has a soft spot for a simple diamond with a classic touch, round-cut is the one for her. Round-cut diamonds have been a popular choice for the center stone in a ring for a long time. 

This ideal and symmetrical shape of round-cut diamond has 58 facets making round-cut a ‘Brilliant Cut.’ The 58 facets bring the most sparkle and glamour out of the round-cut diamond. The high sparkle gives the diamond a lavish appearance which draws the attention of people all the time.

Round-cut diamonds are the favorite for an engagement ring. If you’re soon to be engaged and your lady likes a romantic and sensational diamond, a round-shaped diamond won’t disappoint you.    

2. Princess-Diamond cut: A Modern Touch

princess cut diamond with the rough sketch

Want to have a modern touch in your diamond? Buy a radiant princess-cut diamond and feel the magical beauty of it. The sharp square shape of a princess-cut diamond is captivating and swanks the same scintillation and brilliance as a round-cut diamond. This shape is one of the modern shapes invented in the 1960s and soon became the most desirable choice for an engagement ring.

Women worldwide have a great fascination for princess-cut diamonds; they find them stimulating and romantic due to their exquisite appearance. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that a princess-cut diamond is a diamond of love and romance.        

3. Emerald-Diamond cut: The Old-New Fashion

emerald cut diamond with the rough sketch

The Art Deco emerald-cut diamond has not gone out of the league yet and is still in trend & loved by women. The emerald-cut diamond exhibits high brilliance and clarity and gives the diamond a unique and vintage look.

The step cuts and layered corners make the emerald-cut diamond look elongated and ebullient. But, due to its wide step-cut facets, it’s easy to notice a few imperfections in the stone. Also, the incomparable clarity of the emerald-cut diamond makes it a perfect cut for engagement rings. This stone is ideal for those who love to wear jewelry, which is classic and trendy at the same time.

4. Oval-Diamond cut: An Individualistic One

Blake Lively wearing oval diamond ring

With the brilliance of the round-cut diamonds, oval-cut diamonds always stand apart from others. Due to its elongated and mesmerized silhouette, this becomes one of the favorite cuts for engagement rings. An oval-cut diamond ring is ideal for women who are affectionate towards a gorgeous ring that makes their finger look elongated and slim.

The bow-tie effect in the middle of the oval shape makes the diamond more appealing and beautiful. Oval-cut is ideal for those who want a unique cut of a diamond other than a round diamond.  

Hollywood celebrities love to wear oval-shaped diamond rings. Kourtney Kardashian, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, and Amber Rose are some of the famous personalities who have been proposed with an oval-shaped diamond ring.

5. Cushion-Diamond cut: A Bold Choice

Kim Kardashian Wearing cushion cut ring

A cushion-cut diamond crosses our minds every time we think of a traditional and classic diamond cut. The cushion-cut diamond is a romantic stone and a favorite of brides. If your partner likes to wear a diamond ring with a traditional and vintage touch, then a cushion-cut diamond ring is a match made in heaven for your partner. 

Due to the broad facets and soft round corners, a cushion-cut diamond displays a great fire and brilliance. Besides, a cushion-cut diamond makes an ideal vintage engagement ring. Kim Kardashian, Bar Rafaeli, Alison Pil, Sofia Vergara, etc., are some famous personalities who got proposed with a cushion-cut diamond ring.        

6. Pear-Diamond cut: An Elite One

Pear cut diamond with the rough sketch

Looking for a diamond that steals the attention of people in the room? Pear cut diamond is the one you want! The bold and timeless appearance of pear-cut excites the diamond admirers to have it in their accessories. Pear shape diamonds also exude a vintage appearance and make a perfect choice for engagement rings. 

If your SO likes to have a modern and sharp look, then buy her a pear-cut diamond ring to make her love you even more. Pear cut diamond ring makes her finger look elongated and slimmer.   

7. Marquise-Diamond cut: Defines Your Personality

Marquise cut diamond with the rough sketch

Edgy marquis-cut gracefully shows your personality of being bold and unique, among others. The sharp edges of marquise diamond symbolize your internal and external strength. Marquise-cut might be from old times but it can’t be out of style. Brides still love to adorn themselves with marquise-cut diamonds to shine on their special day.  

The marquise-shaped diamonds have gained high recognition over the years and have become a favorite choice for engagement rings. You give your finger a slim and elongated look when you adorn yourself with the edgy and sharp marquise-cut diamond. 

Be Bold, Be Glamorous, Be Sharp! Wear marquise-shaped diamonds and stand apart from others.     

8. Heart-diamond cut: A Romantic One

lady gaga wearing heart shape ring

Heart-shaped diamonds are romantic! A heart-cut diamond ignites the spark of romance in you and shows your eternal care to your partner. Heart-shaped diamonds have good sparkle and brilliance that will shine bright on your finger.

The heart shape is a superstar among women; they like to wear heart-shaped rings on their fingers as it reminds them of their loved one. Heart-shaped diamonds also make desirable engagement rings. Heart-shaped diamonds are admired by Hollywood celebrities as well. Famous American singer Lady Gaga got proposed with a dazzling heart-shaped diamond ring.

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