5 Reasons To Choose A Ruby Engagement Ring

An engagement ring symbolizes love, loyalty and commitment towards your partner and so does ruby. It’s a gemstone famous for its deep and bright red color which can bring a unique pop of color to your engagement ring and make it stand out from the rest. 

The color red has long symbolized love and life and here are some of the reasons why a ruby engagement ring can make for the perfect way to promise each other love and commitment.

Rare and precious gemstone 

Most people think of diamonds as a rare gemstone, but large high-quality natural rubies are rarer than the diamonds and can be more valuable.

different colors of ruby

Rubies are the most sought-after stones throughout history, and are immensely popular today. The rarest of rubies come from Myanmar (Burma) and are valued for their high quality and exceptional color. Good quality rubies which are larger than one carat are extremely rare and can be quite on the expensive side. Rubies have always been associated with royalty; Queen Elizabeth of England is known for her collection of multiple ruby jewels. 

Rubies are among the precious stones and can make well for marking a big event in someone’s life like engagement.  

Good Investment option 

Seeing your engagement ring as an investment may not seem so good but you cannot deny that it’s a fact worth considering and choosing a financially rewarding jewelry piece won’t hurt anyone. Rubies are the most expensive in the corundum group of gemstones and most valued as well. They never lose their value and as the market demand increases, the prices only tend to go higher.


Rubies can be expensive but they are unbelievably rare and will last you a lifetime for sure. The hardness of a ruby stands just second to that of a diamond possessing a score of 9 on the Mohs scale. While spending such a handsome amount on an engagement ring, you would want it to be durable and ruby is one of the best choices for the same. Most of the people are opting for vintage ruby engagement rings because of its royal look and because it can be passed down to the coming generation as a family heirloom. 

Color and Cuts 

Ruby is a gemstone that sparkles irrespective of its cut and hue. Pigeon blood red is a shade of ruby sought after by most of the people as it has the richest red color without being overly dark. The cut of the stone only adds to the beauty of it. Your ruby engagement ring will always be an emblem of divine beauty whether it has one stone to manage the entire show or a collection of fine rubies.

ruby in three cut

Ruby men’s engagement rings are much in demand as well, as they can be styled in bands using different metals according to one’s preference and budget.


The color red signifies love and affection and hence the ruby engagement ring can speak volumes about the relationship between you and your partner. According to some history texts rubies are said to bring beauty and wisdom. Most cultures believe that because of the stone’s blood-red color, it holds the power of life as it is one of the twelve stones mentioned in the Bible. Among European royalty and the noble class, rubies were thought to bring good health, wealth, wisdom, success in love apart from adding to the beauty of the wearer. 

Picking out an engagement ring is altogether a personal decision, but we hope this article has helped you in any way. Remember, a ruby engagement ring is the way to her heart. Red is the color of ruby and a perfect color for asking the big question of love. We hope it’s a YES!!

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