What Makes An Alexandrite Ring A Perfect Jewel For All Occasions?

An alexandrite ring is a type of jewel that you can wear on all occasions, be it an office party, a night out with your friends, a date night with the love of your life, or even Christmas. The idea that goes behind accessorizing yourself with a piece of jewelry is that your chosen bling should amplify your character and personality wherever you go. And as regards a vintage alexandrite ring, it expresses your nature and style smoothly and gracefully.

Having said that, I want to emphasize the fact that choosing a jewel to wear on multiple occasions isn’t a walk in the park; in fact, it’s a difficult task because it involves a great deal of effort. The fact that you need to ascertain whether your chosen adornment fulfills all the prerequisites and fits well to be worn at different events makes the whole process a bit daunting. In that sense, an alexandrite ring seems perfect. Here’s why:

vintage alexandrite ring

Natural Alexandrite Rings Are Stunning

More than anything else, a jewel meant to be worn on different occasions needs to be easy on the eye. I mean, it’s an essential and basic prerequisite that the jewelry piece needs to fulfill. Alexandrite rings can be referred to as a wonderful amalgamation of beauty and glamor. They endow the power to engage your attention through their magical colors. I’ve used the term magical to describe the colors of alexandrite because it is a remarkable gemstone that’s far more mysterious than it looks.

The thing with alexandrite is that it changes its color depending on the lighting conditions. Surprised? Well, now you know why a vintage alexandrite ring is a perfect jewel for all occasions. Alexandrite emanates a bluish-green color in daylight and purplish-red in incandescent light. You can say that, in a way, the gemstone’s color resembles the color of emerald and ruby in daylight and incandescent light, respectively. This is the reason why I described the colors of alexandrite as magical.

alexandrite jewelry

Alexandrite Rings Are Synonymous With Durability

Just like attractiveness, durability is another important prerequisite that a jewel needs to fulfill. That’s because durability is a must when it comes to jewelry. A durable piece of jewelry has more chances of withstanding the wear and tear of daily wear compared to those jewelry pieces that offer only attractiveness. Alexandrite rings offer incredible durability because of alexandrite’s great hardness score on the Mohs scale of hardness. The gemstone is 8.5 on the Mohs scale, offering an impressive level of hardness and durability. This makes vintage alexandrite rings worthy of being chosen for all occasions.

Vintage Alexandrite Rings Are Compatible With Other Jewelry

Last but not least is compatibility. To some people, accessorizing themselves with jewelry is something that should be limited to one or two minimalist jewelry pieces to the maximum. On the other hand, there are others who like to accessorize themselves with several sparkling and fancy jewelry pieces. An alexandrite ring is an adornment that manages to satisfy the needs of both these types of people. For instance, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like wearing multiple jewelry pieces and instead picks one or two at max then an alexandrite ring will do wonders for you.

Alexandrite Ring

Similarly, if you like to style yourself with several pieces of jewelry, your antique alexandrite ring will tune well with the other bling that you pick. This harmonious relationship that alexandrite rings have with other jewelry can be attributed to the alexandrite centerstones of these rings. It looks like that the color changing property of alexandrite spares no effort in making alexandrite rings a popular choice of jewelry. Alexandrite jewelry pairs well with other jewelry embellished with color gemstones like, ruby, emerald and spinel. To best complement your alexandrite ring, you can pair it with a diamond and ruby bracelet.

The Bottom Line

All these three reasons make an alexandrite ring a perfect jewel for all occasions. It has got a stunning color, an excellent level of hardness and durability, and the ability to match up with other jewelry pieces. Therefore, you can choose an alexandrite ring to decorate yourself on multiple occasions without a doubt. If you’re confused regarding where to get your alexandrite ring then you can look for it on some of America’s most popular and reputed online jewelry stores.

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