Tips To Design An Affordable Engagement Ring

Designing an affordable engagement ring in an old-fashioned way and putting all your money into it isn’t something that is much appreciated by couples anymore. Hand-picking a stone and designing your jewelry piece without hurting the budget is the new black.

We know choosing a ring that will be forever adorned by your partner can be a big responsibility and because of which, we wouldn’t want to make you feel stressed and end up making the wrong decision.

Here are some of the suggestions for you to consider while designing her dream ring and not making a hole in your pocket as well. 

Choosing the right metal 

You may decide on any gemstone or a setting for the ring but choosing the right metal is as important as the stone of the ring, as it will be paved in it. Examine the metal beforehand to make sure it’s durable, sustainable, and rust-free. Be it gold, silver, or platinum; always opt for high-quality metal for keeping your ring intact and making it last longer. 

3 plain metal rings, yellow gold, white gold and platinum

Ring setting 

Opt for a ring setting that’s as minimal as it could be. Deciding on a simple ring setting can reduce the overall cost of the ring and still make it look beautiful and alluring. Having a less-carat center stone and having it set in a three-stone ring setting can give a considerably bigger look and cost you comparatively less. 

three rings in three different ring settings


Nowadays, women prefer to wear color gemstones instead of diamonds as the centerstone in their affordable engagement ring. Color gemstones have always been adored by royal families and a lot of celebrities have been flaunting their color gemstone rings recently. Even though gemstones are much more affordable than diamonds, they still look as elegant and chic as a diamond and are almost equally durable. 

Here’s a list of color gemstones which can be easily styled by you, giving your ring a personalized and unique look.  

Sapphire, the blue stone

three stone sapphire ring

Choose to shine on your engagement day with a distinctive sapphire ring. When it comes to an engagement ring, sapphire is always a classic choice to go with. A round solitaire sapphire is one of the classic shapes that can elongate your personality and make you shine at any event. A three-stone sapphire engagement ring can be an exemplary option as well. Diamonds hugging the sapphire in the center are adding character to the ring and giving it the ring a fresh and magnificent look. Three stone rings are the symbol of your love, friendship and care for your partner. Styling your engagement ring this way will not stretch your budget and you’ll still be rocking every look effortlessly.


four prong emerald ring
If you’re looking for a ring with a sense of glamor, sophistication and vintage charm, go with an emerald engagement ring without breaking the bank. Wearing that mesmerizing green stone on your ring finger as an engagement ring will make the day even more special for you. This gemstone can be a signature ring if set in a four-prong solitaire setting. Choosing color-treated emeralds is another way to save with these exceptional gems. Different treatments can enrich a stone’s color or hide flaws and inclusions, making the emerald more visually appealing for a lower cost than naturally flawless stones.


ruby ring in oval shaped four prong setting

Having a color gemstone in your engagement ring to represent the color of love is everything you can ask for.

Ruby represents love, affection and care and can bring prosperity and wealth in the life of both the partners. A ruby set in an oval-shaped four-prong setting will give you the divine look and can be easily styled with any outfit. Ruby has been titled the ‘king of precious stones’ and has been associated with high society since antiquity. Let the vintage look of this ruby engagement ring fashion your hand in a way nothing else will ever do. Opting for a ruby will surely make you stand apart from the rest and show your uniqueness on your wedding day. 


amethyst engagement ring

Purple is a color that is rarely considered for  an engagement ring by anyone. This gemstone’s color represents the purity of spirit. The purplish and reddish hues of this alluring gemstone represent the chastening and purifying effects of suffering. Amethyst is meant to aid the healing of wounds. A purple stone in a halo setting will give you a royal look and shine the brightest on your finger. Amethyst will enhance your personality no matter which setting you pair the gemstone with. It gives you the liberty to style the jewel the way you want.  Amethyst is a birthstone of February borns and can be considered a good engagement ring gemstone if your to-be spouse is a February born. 


alexandrite ring

Emerald in the day and Ruby by the night. A gemstone that will give you a mix of both without spending much. A stone that’ll embrace your fingers with the look of an emerald during the daylight and change to the color of a blush red ruby as the sun sets is everything you can ask for in a gemstone. Investing in a gemstone like alexandrite is an optimal choice as you won’t be spending too much on two different colored stones. Alexandrite symbolizes luck, prosperity and intellect. It represents the balance between the physical and the spiritual state and can bring you into the balance of who you are. This gemstone is relatively new and is in high demand in the market due to its color-changing ability. Get your hands on it ASAP and embrace it in a way nobody else has ever done. 


oval cut tanzanite engagement ring

Tanzanite is a significantly affordable choice for an engagement ring. This stone might give you the same feel as that of sapphire because of the blue color but under different lighting conditions, it shines in a way that sapphire doesn’t. If your partner loves the blue haze color, then tanzanite in an oval-cut is a perfect gemstone for her. An oval cut tanzanite will look incredible in a solitaire setting and will stay within your budget as well. 


hessonite ring in emerald cut four prong setting

Emerald cut hessonite rings can give you an exquisite look without spending bundles of money on them. Hessonite garnet comes in a variety of colors which makes it a preferable choice for an engagement ring. This gemstone is meant to bring wealth and success as well as promote longevity. Hessonite garnet in an emerald cut will look as beautiful as your special one.


trillion cut peridot ring yellow gold

If you’re looking for something different and unique, grab a peridot and style it in a way that ends up giving it an excellent look. Peridot in a trillion-cut or a cushion cut will make the ring look bigger than usual and enhance the glory of your hands without making you step out of your budget. It’s a gemstone that gives an extravagant look besides being budget-friendly. A cushion-cut peridot engagement ring is a completely unique choice and will definitely make you stand apart from the crowd. 

To design your affordable engagement ring in a unique way, you can even take inspiration from celebrities. These days, celebrities can be seen making a statement by flaunting the most unusual ring settings that are also quite affordable.

Don’t shy away while purchasing your engagement ring, there are multiple choices in gemstones which will not make you feel bankrupt and still allow you to rock any event gracefully. 

There are other options as well, if you already have any specific design in your mind, you can include any of these gemstones and give it the look that will suit your personality. Anyway, your love is what really matters instead of how much you’re spending on an engagement ring. Hoping it to be a YES! Congratulations to you.

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