Top 7 Demi Luxurious Jewelry Brands in the US

Be the premium status of jewelry or the deep sentiments it’s imbued with, there are plenty of reasons why we wear jewelry. Do you have any idea when humankind first started wearing or possessing jewelry? Well, your assumption is as good as mine because even the International Gem Society (IGS) doesn’t have an apt answer to this question.

As per the IGS, and I’m quoting a passage from one of their articles, “Gemstones and jewelry have been a part of mankind since before history was written. It began when time began and man first walked on Earth.” One can’t guess the inception of jewelry, but one can surely say that whenever people started wearing jewelry pieces, it was because they felt that with jewelry, they could manifest their rank and authority in their community.

The earliest revelation of jewelry was dated roughly 25,000 years ago. It was a simple necklace. Ever since then, wearing jewelry has become a kind of tradition. However, due to the exorbitant prices of jewelry, many people are still unable to get the jewelry pieces of their dreams. But times have changed now. Let me introduce you to the top 7 demi luxury jewelry brands in the US. If you’re unaware of what demi-luxurious jewelry means, let me enlighten you about it.

Demi luxurious jewelry or demi fine jewelry, is fashioned with gold-plated silver or low-carat gold with semi-precious gemstones. The X-factor about demi luxurious jewelry pieces is that their prices range somewhere between $300 and $400. So, let’s now explore 7 of the top demi-luxurious jewelry brands in the US.

7 Most Popular Luxury Jewelry Brands

Catbird jewelry with its logo


If you are looking for high-quality jewelry pieces then Catbird will never disappoint you. Catbird is a high-quality jewelry brand based out in Brooklyn. This brand offers a wide range of ethically sourced jewelry pieces that will surely catch your attention. The incredibleness of this jewelry brand can be attributed to the expertise of its in-house craftsmen and independent jewelry designers. You can completely trust the authenticity of the jewelry pieces from this brand. Moreover, because the founder of this jewelry brand, Rony Vardi, only works in ethically sourced jewelry, buying from it will feel good to you.


Missoma, the pioneer of demi-fine jewelry, was founded by Marisa Hordern in 2008. The responsibly sourced jewelry from Missoma is especially prized by its customers around the world. Each jewelry piece by Missoma is designed and handcrafted at its Notting Hill location. This jewelry brand has been in the vanguard of creative and fashion jewelry pieces created by its in-house artisans. Jewelry pieces from this brand artfully showcase a mix of gold vermeil and plated pieces that can turn heads wherever you go. Let’s move on to the next demi-luxurious jewelry brand on our list.

Stone and Strand jewelry

Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand is a demi-fine jewelry brand from New York that offers something more than meets the eye. This jewelry brand is known for offering jewelry pieces that are a result of bold and fearless combinations. Designed in New York City, jewelry pieces from this brand are fancy yet affordable. If you’re the kind of person who likes stacking and layering multiple jewelry pieces then you should get your bling from Stone and Strand. Moreover, if you’re just looking for some jewelry styling tips, do take a look at the Instagram handle of Stone and Strand.

Local Eclectic jewelry

Local Eclectic

If you’re looking for statement jewelry pieces that you can wear every day then you need to check out Local Eclectic. This jewelry brand is special in its own way. It was launched by Alexis Nido-Russo in 2013 with a vision to bring together talented jewelry designers who share a passion for creating unique jewelry pieces. Local Eclectic has been promoting women designers for so long now that it has become the favorite brand of emerging women designers. Local Eclectic is presently having a sale on its website. So, you should hurry up and go to its website to get jewelry at attractive prices.


This is one of the most popular jewelry brands on Instagram. Though Mejuri is a relatively new brand, founded in 2015, the popularity of this demi-luxurious jewelry provider increased a lot in no time. Mejuri specializes in creating jewelry pieces fashioned with vermeil, plated, and solid gold. This brand is loved by everybody, from the general public to fashion designers. Big fashion designers choose Mejuri jewelry pieces to showcase their designs. Today, Mejuri holds a special place among the best jewelry brands known for their modern designs. Let’s get on to the next one now.

Wolf Circus jewelry

Wolf Circus

This jewelry brand has been influencing fashion jewelry trends right from its inception. Based out in Vancouver, Wolf Circus was founded in 2010 by Fiona Morrison. The timeless jewelry pieces of Wolf Circus are contemporary and accessible. Designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, jewelry pieces from this brand are triple-plated in 14-carat gold. Wolf Circus believes in sustainable jewelry pieces. That’s probably the reason why customers take pride in their bling. If you’re looking for fine jewelry that lasts a lifetime, you need to head to the website of Wolf Circus now!

Forge & Finish

This US-based jewelry brand is something that you shouldn’t ignore if you live in the US. Forge & Finish was launched in 2015 by Desiree Casimiro, Emily Kane, and Carly Mayer. The traditional and experimental approach of the founders of Forge & Finish are the two big pillars that have helped this brand gain ground in such a short period of time. Be it distinct designs or the mix and match of metals, there’s something unique in the jewelry pieces of Forge & Finish.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the top 7 demi luxury jewelry brands in the USA that you can’t ignore. All these jewelry brands are big names in the jewelry sector. You can choose any brand from this list to get yourself demi-fine jewelry pieces that don’t cost much despite being stylish and elegant.

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