5 Jewelry Brands In New Jersey That You Can’t Ignore

Jewelry brands in New Jersey have rapidly increased over the years. With more and more big jewelry designers launching their jewelry stores in New Jersey, the northeastern U.S. state is reinventing its fashion jewelry trends every now and then. While having so many jewelry brands as options feel great, choosing one that goes with your style and budget can sometimes become arduous.

As if the world of fashion jewelry wasn’t already incredibly intricate, picking a jewelry brand in New Jersey has become the latest pet peeve of gemstone jewelry enthusiasts in US-NJ. However, you don’t have to worry about finding a renowned and fashionable jewelry store in New Jersey because we’ve created a list of 5. So, sit tight!

Top 5 Jewelry Stores In New Jersey, USA

Hamilton Jewelers Store New Jersey

Hamilton Jewelers

Choosing from the world-renowned jewelry pieces of Hamilton Jewelers is a dream for everybody. The family-operated and owned jewelry brand, Hamilton Jewelers, has been offering creative jewelry pieces to its customers for more than a century. Hamilton Jewelers came to the jewelry world in the year 1912. This jewelry brand in New Jersey has been calling the shots right ever since its inception. Nowadays, Hamilton Jewelers has reached a level of prominence that’s second to none. The in-house jewelry collection of Hamilton Jewelers will spellbound you. Its design range includes everything from classic diamond jewelry pieces to modern arabesque bling.

Bulgari Jewelry Store


For more than 130 years, this Italian luxury fashion brand has served gemstone jewelry enthusiasts with creative jewelry accessories. The rich history and eminence of this jewelry brand in New Jersey are the two pillars of its popularity. Bulgari is best known for fashioning impeccable jewelry selections that are one-of-a-kind in terms of creativity and elegance. The beautifully crafted jewels featuring vibrant color combinations from Bulgari make this jewelry brand emblematic of Italian excellence. If you’re from New Jersey and looking for a brand with a rich history, you can surely opt for Bulgari. That’s because this is one such brand that has redefined the jewelry universe with its designs.

Blue Nile Jewelry Store

Blue Nile

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is a leader in fine jewelry pieces. The popularity and fame of Blue Nile can be attributed to the brand’s extensive collection of handcrafted engagement rings, apart from fashion jewelry. Engagement rings from Blue Nile are a combination of charm and endurance. Moreover, this is one of those jewelry brands in New Jersey that have consistently reinvented their jewelry line. Blue Nile has revolutionized fashion jewelry trends with exquisite jewelry pieces that don’t break the bank. Yes, you heard that right. You can get affordable jewelry pieces from Blue Nile. You should definitely try this jewelry brand in New Jersey.

Parker Plaza New Jersey


If you’re looking for a jewelry brand in New Jersey that allows you to make your own engagement rings or other jewelry pieces, you need to check out GemsNY. This is one such brand that has been in the jewelry business for more than 25 years. GemsNY offers you everything from minimalist to fancy jewelry pieces fashioned with sparkling gemstones. It has an extensive and rich collection of ethically sourced 50.000+ color gemstones. From GemsNY, you can get loose or natural gemstones at attractive prices. GemsNY’s list of precious and semi-precious gemstones includes some of the rarest stunners, including ruby, sapphire, diamond, tanzanite, alexandrite, paraiba tourmaline, and pink tourmaline, to name a few. So, if you want to expand your collection of rare gemstones, GemsNY is your best bet.


Last but not least is Ritani. Jewelry pieces from this brand are beyond comparison in terms of artistry and aesthetics because they cater to every client’s preferences and expectations. The standout gemstone jewelry designs of Ritani are proof of their enduring legacy. Just like Blue Nile, Ritani was also founded in 1999. Ritani has established itself as a premium jewelry brand among customers based on its decades of experience and creativity. That’s the reason why Forbes, the American business magazine, has included Ritani in its list of America’s most promising companies. Well, Ritani has quite made a name for itself. What do you think?

The Bottom Line

The list of 5 jewelry brands in New Jersey that you can’t ignore ends here. It encompasses some of the big names of the jewelry world that you can completely trust. So, from which jewelry brand will you pick your next jewelry piece?

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