International Women’s Day From Around the World

It’s said behind every successful man, there is a woman. If there has been such a woman in your life then you can relate with this saying. Women are tagged as the creators of mankind. As mothers, they nourish a seed with their blood and values, turning a gullible child into a responsible being.

But that’s not the only role of women. They also play the characters of a wife, a sister, and a daughter very well. In every form, women nurture relationships with unconditional love and boundless compassion. The 8th March of every year is celebrated as International Women’s Day to honor the attributes and rights of women.

International Women’s Day Celebration Around the Globe

Are you wondering what’s the deal with applauding women’s power on 8th March? The ultimate aim is to recognize the achievements of women in political, economic, social, and cultural domains and to raise awareness about women’s education, civil rights, employment, and gender equality.

On this day, rallies, campaigns, charitable activities, fun festivals, and other such celebratory events are organized worldwide. But that’s not it, different regions of the world distinctly observe Women’s Day in their own unique way. Do you want to know how? Stick to the edge of your seat and witness Women’s Day festivities from the eyes of different countries.

yellow cuisine along with mimosas and a woman carrying tulips

Italy’s La Festa Della Donna

The hometown of luxury brands Gucci and Fendi praises women on 8th March with small bright yellow blossoms called mimosas. Men present mimosas to women as an official token of gratitude on International Women’s Day.

These flowers are popular since they are affordable and bloom during this time of the year, in early March only. Women also exchange mimosa flowers among themselves as a symbol of strength and unity. Not only this, yellow-colored delicacies are prepared to complement the yellow blossoms and to spread joy.

Argentina’s Call for Women Activism

We know Argentina for its star footballer Lionel Mess. Talking about women’s empowerment, Argentinians have been raising concerns regarding women’s rights since the early 1900s. In recent years, protesters have mentioned women’s reproductive and gender equality rights. Also, local fellas mark the occasion by gifting and donating memorable presents and flowers to the women they adore.

United Kingdom’s WOW Moments

Britishers mark International Women’s Day by hosting a three-day-long carnival called WOW or the “Women of the World” in London. Hosted around the 8th of March every year, WOW is a platform where performers and activists share the same stage to voice women’s rights.

Large-scale debates, counseling, and talks are held, all centered around women. Other events such as workshops, exhibitions, films, and runs along with musical and comic performances are coordinated. Similar fests have been organized in several other cities in the world, namely, Beijing, New York City, Istanbul, Liverpool, etc.

logo of WOW and public speaking during WOW

Poland’s Tulip Bash

Known for its rich food and culture, Polish peeps commemorate the 8th of March by gifting tulip flowers to women. So if you ever visit Poland on this day, don’t be surprised to find men extending tulips to the women around them. This is the Polish way of appreciating female colleagues, friends, and family members.

Going back in time, till the Second World War, locals celebrated the day by recognizing women as leaders at work. During that time, women were offered hard-to-find products such as coffee, tights, and towels as a token of respect.

Romania’s Mother’s Day

In Romanian society, Women’s Day is observed as an opportunity to discuss equal rights and privileges for women. The occasion is also celebrated as Mother’s Day when children prepare an artwork or a song for their mothers. Mostly men are spotted offering flowers and greeting cards to appreciate their grandmothers and mothers.

United States March

The third month of the year, March, is celebrated as Women’s History Month in the United States. It’s the time when women’s attainments in the past as well as in the present are remembered.

Though Women’s Day is not a government holiday in the US, seminars and public rallies vocalize gender equity and equality. Women around the world are commended for their leadership qualities and consistency in voicing their concerns and shaping democracy.

women protesters in a rally and a woman painting another woman’s - International Women's Day

Bulgaria’s Merry Day

Meet the people of Bulgaria, the land of breathtaking natural scenery. These folks honor the day by admiring all the women around them with greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates. School-going children prepare hand-made cards for their teachers and mothers.

In offices, male employees extend flowers to their female colleagues. Similarly, husbands and children gift flowers to their wives and mothers respectively. Women hold get-togethers and enjoy the day among themselves.

Russia’s Celebratory Vibes

The world’s largest country practices the 8th of March as a national holiday. Russia’s way of commemorating the occasion is by having a hearty meal with their family members.

Women in the family are gifted chocolates, flowers, poetry cards, and other presents by both men and other women. Roses and yellow-hued mimosas are mostly preferred as the first choice for blossoms.

China’s Girl Day + International Women’s Day Combo

Even if you haven’t been to the Great Wall of China, that’s alright. But there’s one fact that you must know, the Chinese mark the 7th of March as Girl’s Day. Ever heard of it? Well, this day is all about recognizing female students studying in schools, colleges, and universities.

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Speaking of 8th March, men buy surprise gifts, flowers, and greetings for the most important women in their lives. In the corporate sector, employers may offer half-day off to their female staff, though not compulsorily. In addition to that, mass public talks, award shows, and meetings are also arranged throughout the country.

best gift hamper collection for International Women's Day

How Can You Celebrate Women’s Day?

Can you think of a woman who gave a new direction to your life, making it a memorable journey? Well, the number is not defined, you can have one or many such role models around you. So, if you haven’t done it yet, now’s the time to appreciate these women for playing their part in framing you the way you are.

Since Women’s Day is entirely dedicated to women, your gestures should also be devoted to the women you love. Whether “she” is your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, or daughter, there’s nothing you can’t do to treat her wholeheartedly. Either make the affair grand or keep things simple and heart-touching.

For instance, you can buy “her” something that she fancies the most. It can be a branded accessory or some hobby essential. If “she” loves to cook, gift “her” a high-tech kitchen appliance. For a corporate lady, a smart gadget can be a useful surprise. Apart from that, books, personal photo albums, inspirational wall art, and jewelry also make delightful favors. Above all, a day “well-spent” with her will give you bonus points.

If you wish to address the bigger cause, connect with NGOs working for women’s protection and upliftment. You can donate your share to charitable trusts in cash or kind and make a difference.

Celebrate the DAY with FadPost

Though women deserve all the love and respect 365 days a year, the 8th of March is exclusively reserved to celebrate the strength and beauty of these wonderful beings as a whole. So what are your plans to make the day extra special for the outstanding women in your life? Feel free to take inspiration from the fashion, lifestyle, and jewelry trends at FadPost.


Q1. When is International Women’s Day celebrated?
Ans. It is celebrated on the 8th of March every year.

Q2. Is International Women’s Day an official holiday?
Ans. It is a public holiday in several countries around the world but not everywhere.

Q3. Why is International Women’s Day celebrated?
Ans. The purpose is to honor the accomplishments of women in different areas. Issues such as gender bias, women’s inequality, and illiteracy are also addressed.

Q4. How is International Women’s Day celebrated?
Ans. Activists conduct rallies, campaigns, fundraising events, and other awareness activities. Carnivals and fun fests are also organized worldwide.

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