Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

Traditional colorless diamonds have been the hallmark of engagement rings for years now but with the change in time, traditions are also taking a turn. Diamonds may be some girls’ best friends, but they are not for everyone. When it comes to engagement rings, diamond alternatives are having a moment. It’s true that nothing beats the look of a classic diamond engagement ring on your finger, but brides and grooms who want to wear something unique and break the monotony, are opting for diamond alternatives. 

In dazzling colors and stylish cuts, color gemstones can offer a recognizable look to your engagement ring that fits your individual taste and style. 

Here are the top seven gemstones that can prove to be a good alternative to diamonds for your engagement ring and render the most breathtaking and magical look on your ring finger. 

Look-alike – Moissanite

oval cut moissanite engagement ring in gold metal

Moissanite is the most famous alternative to diamond. Not only because it resembles diamond, but also because of its hardness and durability. 

Diamonds can be on the expensive side but a moissanite is comparatively cheaper and gives the same look as a diamond. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on your engagement ring then a moissanite is something you should consider for the same classy look as that of a diamond. Because of the stone’s high clarity, it is extremely versatile and can be styled as per your wish. 

Moissanites are usually created in labs because of their rarity which makes them more sustainable and a more ethical option than many diamonds. 

Due to its hardness and durability, moissanite is meant to represent a strong and unbreakable bond between you and your significant other.

Something Blue – Sapphire

Nothing is better than having an engagement ring as your ‘something blue’ on your wedding day. Sapphire gemstones come in various hues: peach, pink, yellow, white, and green, but a blue sapphire engagement ring has always topped the chart. 

Sapphire engagement rings have been popular for ages and decorated royals like Princess Diana and Princess Eugenie.

princess Diana with her sapphire engagement ring

Sapphire is believed to be good for attracting abundance, blessings, and gifts. It represents royalty and is used to protect its wearer from evil energies and strengthen the mind. Their hardness score of 9 on a Mohs scale indicates that sapphires are very durable and can be worn regularly without any fear of breaking. 

Pretty in pink – Morganite

Romantic, feminine, and the oh-so-pretty pink color of morganite is a popular choice of gemstone for the brides. The pink color of this gemstone brings out a feminine touch and adds to the wearer’s beauty. You might not know but morganite, a beryl stone, is from the same family of stones as that of emerald and aquamarine and also has a similar hardness score of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Its light pink color makes it versatile and easy to wear. 

morganite engagement ring in halo setting

Morganite is often associated with innocence, love, compassion, and sweetness. It is meant to be connected to the heart and is coordinated with the heart chakra. If you’re looking for an engagement ring with a glimmering effect and equally budget-friendly attribute, a morganite engagement ring is a perfect option for you and a great substitute for diamonds. 

Romantic red – Ruby 

What’s better than having a gemstone in your engagement ring similar to that of the color of love? Probably nothing. 

A luxurious blood-red stone in your dream engagement ring is something that is a preferable choice for a bold bride. Rubies have always been associated with the higher stratum society for centuries. This gemstone stands second only to diamonds in terms of durability and hardness. Ruby comes in various shades as well, but their sultry red color is most adorned by women.

It symbolizes love & commitment, guarantees good health & wealth, and brings success in love. That’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. A ruby engagement ring will give you the required touch of royalty and add a chic color to your ring finger. 

Ruby engagement ring in yellow gold metal

Depth of the Ocean – Tanzanite

A love like yours is hard to find and so is our next diamond alternative stone for your engagement ring, tanzanite. It was recently discovered in the nineteen-sixties with an estimated supply for the next 30 years only, making it exceptionally precious and rare. 

A stone is one thousand times rarer than diamonds, just like your love for your to-be spouse. The serene dark blue color of tanzanite best resembles that of the abyssal depth of the ocean.

tanzanite engagement ring in a three stone setting

Just like how it’s said, ‘Once the ocean has touched your soul, life on land will never be the same’. This goes for your engagement ring as well, once you take a look at this marvelous gemstone, you will not be able to resist it. 

Tanzanite is believed to calm your senses and stimulate intuition & perception. It may show off different shades of blue depending on the angle at which the stone is placed. 

This stone proves to be an optimal choice for a bride who wants to break the monotony. 

Finding love in imperfections – Emerald

emerald engagement ring in emerald cut

Nobody is perfect and loving someone with imperfections is what is true love. 

With the gorgeous green tint of this gemstone, emerald is a classic choice that will truly become a remarkable addition to your collection. Having an emerald engagement ring in a modern setting and with the design of your choice can give you the touch of royalty. 

Emerald’s clarity is classified by the naked eye because inclusions are natural to these gemstones. Unlike diamonds, natural emeralds don’t have the same clarity and it is not considered to be a bad thing. The cloudy look of this gemstone is one of the reasons why it looks antique and organic. 

Emeralds showcase the real and authentic beauty of a stone just as your bond with your SO should be: real and authentic. Emerald set in an engagement ring represents love, luck, peace, and hope and we would want you to have all those. 

Icy Blue – Aquamarine

Fresh like water, this gemstone’s color is elegant and looks very fresh and new. For a new bride, aquamarine is one such color that can give you a subtle yet elegant look. Aquamarine may look delicate because of the color but it belongs to the same beryl family of stones as morganite and emerald, making it equally durable and long-lasting. This gemstone is often found in near-flawless condition.

Just as you always want to stay young, full of hope and happiness, aquamarine stone represents all of that. Just like its fresh icy blue color, it symbolizes everlasting youth and hope, putting it into the league of good diamond alternatives for your engagement rings. 

Aquamarine is also known as a ‘lucky stone’- the perfect charm as you enter married life.

aquamarine engagement ring

Now that you know about the possible diamond alternatives for your engagement ring, you can easily pick the gemstone that suits your personality and style. This is your chance to break the monotony of wearing the same diamond everyone has been wearing all these years and standing out from the rest. Wishing you all the luck for this new phase of your life. Cheers!

I am a seasoned blogger and writing for Gems and Jewelry Industry since 2012.

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