Gift a Friend a Sparkling Pendant on Her Birthday

A beautiful pendant stunningly transforms a simple dress into a captivating dress. Be it the intense-red ruby pendants, or the vibrant and colorful sapphire pendants or the ever-royal emerald pendants, each pendant posses its distinct unique charm which make them a good accessorizing jewel. Also, pendants make beautiful birthday gifts as these are not considered as personal jewelry like rings but more as an accessory. Further, a pendant perfectly blends with a number of dresses and suitably complements contrasting color dresses, and therefore is a useful piece of ornament.

sapphire pendants

Pendants come in a wide range of contemporary as well as classic styles. Either a classic elegant solitaire pendant may be chosen as a gift with the shape or size of the gemstone selected keeping in view the friend’s preference; or one sparkling diamond on each side of the ruby, sapphire or emerald may be added for more shine and splendor. Most of the jewelry shops offer an impressive range of pre-set pendants, but, if one wishes to gift an exquisite pendant, it may be personally designed and custom-made.

On this birthday, surprise your dear friend with one of the most beautiful accessorizing jewels, a pendant. Perhaps a ruby pendant may be more appropriate for a very dear friend, whereas a sapphire pendant is more suitable as a gift to a colleague or seniors or elderly relations. And emerald pendants are more appropriate for mothers, aunts and sisters.

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