2023 Cyber Monday Coupon Codes: Top 10 American Jewelers

Hello Readers! How are y’all gearing up for the 2023 Cyber Monday Sales? We hope you’re already done preparing a list of all your favorite jewelry pieces to shop for at the year’s biggest holiday shopping event. If you’re ready to make the best out of the Cyber Monday jewelry sales, we’re here to take your excitement to the next level.

In this article, we’re sharing a list of America’s top 10 jewelers with their Cyber Monday coupon codes. The list encompasses some of the big names in the jewelry industry, from James Allen & Brilliant Earth to GemsNY & Kay. So, don’t miss out on this one!

James Allen

If you’re into jewelry, you know James Allen is one of the most well-known jewelers in America. Jewelry lovers particularly follow this brand because of its huge collection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry. Apart from James Allen’s creative jewelry, the brand calls the shots because of its enormous Cyber Monday discounts. This year, James Allen is offering 25% off on its jewelry items. If you’re eyeing an engagement ring, James Allen’s Cyber Monday Sale will not disappoint you!

Jamesallen cyber Monday jewelry sale

Brilliant Earth

Founded in 2005, Brilliant Earth is a big online diamond jewelry seller. The exclusive jewelry pieces of this brand are always in demand. You should not miss Brilliant Earth’s Cyber Monday Sale if ‘buying for less’ is your ultimate goal. This brand is offering up to 80% off on its jewelry. So, read this article in its entirety to get Brilliant Earth’s Cyber Monday coupon code.

brilliant earth cyber Monday coupon


GemsNY’s pure and finest quality gemstone jewelry is a cut above the rest. This jewelry brand has a fascinating collection of 50,000+ precious and semi-precious gemstones that’ll perfectly satiate the jewelry lover in you. This year, GemsNY is offering 20% off on its already modestly priced gemstone jewelry. Don’t forget to check out GemsNY’s Cyber Monday coupon code at the end of this article.

gemsny cyber Monday coupon codes

Blue Nile

One of the most trusted names in the jewelry industry is Blue Nile. This brand has gained ground because of its exquisite diamond collection. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a traditional stunner for your jewelry piece, Blue Nile’s Cyber Monday sale is your go-to option. The brand will be offering great savings of 50% on their jewelry this Cyber Monday!


Founded in 1999, Ritani offers one-of-a-kind jewelry to its customers. Over the years, this jewelry brand has gained a prominent position in the jewelry world because of its low-priced, high-quality diamonds and other jewelry. This year, Ritani is offering 25% off on its colossal collection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry. We’ll share with you Ritani’s Cyber Monday coupon code very soon!

Ritani cyber Monday deals

The Natural Sapphire Company

As the name suggests, this jewelry brand is natural when it comes to sapphire jewelry. The Natural Sapphire Company has a vast collection of sapphires from which you can pick the one in your favorite color. The jeweler offers huge discounts on Cyber Monday every year. This year, The Natural Sapphire Company is offering 40% off on its sapphire jewelry. You know where to shop for sapphires now!

the natural sapphire company


Diamondere is an expert in creating custom-made jewelry that stands out. That’s the reason why its customers feel pride in its jewelry. Diamondere offers substantial discounts on its jewelry on Cyber Monday. The brand is offering 40% off on its jewelry. Their holiday jewelry collection will leave you spellbound.


Angara’s Cyber Monday deals are the most sought-after ones. This year, Angara is offering 10% off on its jewelry pieces. The stunning gemstone jewelry collection of Angara encompasses exquisite pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Make the best out of Angara’s Cyber Monday sale to rejuvenate your jewelry collection.



Swarovski is a renowned jewelry and accessory brand. This jewelry brand is quite popular because of its unique jewelry designs and fair prices. Swarovski is offering up to 40% off on its different collections. You can get more unprecedented discounts on their jewelry pieces if you sign up to receive their newsletters. Look for Swarovski’s Cyber Monday coupon code at the end of this article.

Kay Jewelers

The cyber week of Kay Jewelers is as famous as their exotic jewelry. During their cyber week, Kay Jewelers offers heavy discounts on their wide range of jewelry items. This jewelry brand is offering 30-50% off on its necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other bling.

kay cyber Monday coupon codes

Final Words

More such American jewelry brands will be offering massive discounts on their jewelry products with their Cyber Monday sales. So, stay tuned to this article to grab the Cyber Monday coupon codes of these brands!

Note*: The codes will be updated as we near the sale event

2023 Cyber Monday Discount offers

Company Discount % Link
Brilliant Earth Upto 80% Off https://shorturl.at/arAMT
James Allen 25% Off https://shorturl.at/cdjKT
GemsNY 20% Off https://shorturl.at/pKLQR
Angara 10% Off https://shorturl.at/gkvIV
Diamondere 40% Off NA
Blue Nile 50% Off https://rb.gy/5cqwry
Ritani 25% Off https://rb.gy/3ihzpc
Swaroski Upto 40% Off NA
Natural Sapphire Company 40% Off NA
Kay Jewelers 30% – 50% Off https://rb.gy/rikodp


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