5 Determining Factors That Can Help You Invest In Color Gemstones

The world is going crazy for color gemstones, and for good reason. Gemstones that come in different colors are always way better in terms of glamor and appeal as opposed to colorless gemstones that are gradually becoming a thing of the past. By choosing color gemstones as your preferred adornments for jewelry pieces, you are clearing the way and helping these things of beauty to achieve the fame they deserve.

The era of color gemstones began when the interests of people shifted from diamonds to rubies, emeralds, and of course, sapphires. Though all three of these precious gemstones have been there since antiquity, still it took them so many years to overshadow diamonds, the famously called rare gemstones that aren’t as rare as they are presented to the world. So, it’s about time we lend our support to the color gemstones.

But before investing in color gemstones, you need to understand certain crucial factors about them. These factors revolve around the authenticity and quality of the color gemstones. So, one by one, let’s understand all five of them.

A jeweler giving an authenticity certificate to a couple

Authentic Gemstones From Acclaimed Laboratories

The first factor is authenticity and you need to recognize the importance of certification from acclaimed laboratories. Only authentic gemstones provide investment value, but how do you ascertain whether the gemstone in question is authentic? You do so by asking your jeweler for the relevant authenticity certificate of the gemstone.

The authenticity of colored gemstones can be assessed with the help of authenticating certificates. These certificates typically provide crucial information about the color gemstones regarding their quality, grades, and sometimes origin. Whether the gemstone undergone any heat treatment? What’s the refractive index of the gemstone? What’s the quality grade of the gemstone? A certificate of authenticity answers all these questions about the gemstone in question. All reputed jewelers assess the quality of their gemstones from acclaimed laboratories like the GIA or IGS.

Those who don’t are not to be trusted at all. Therefore, if any jeweler is unable to provide you with authenticity certificates, you should not buy your gemstone jewelry piece from there. Folks who don’t shop for color gemstones from reputed jewelers, often end up getting fake gemstones.


Because you are shopping for a color gemstone, you ought to bear in mind certain details regarding its color. The color of a gemstone has a lot to do with its price. Typically, the more rich the gemstone is in color, the more you need to pay for it. An apt example of this fact is a pigeon blood ruby gemstone.

Different color gemstones

You might have heard about pigeon blood rubies. These rubies are known for having an intense red color. Because of the rich red color of these rubies, they sell at a premium over other rubies. Therefore, you need to choose the color of your gemstone based on your budget.


One of the most important factors that determine the value of a color gemstone is its cut. That is because it is the cut that decides how the interplay between the gemstone and light will go. You might have seen how fascinatingly certain color gemstones interact with light. This is only because these gemstones have symmetrically cut facets. So, your chosen color gemstone should have symmetric cuts if you want the maximum sparkle.


On the basis of clarity, color gemstones can be classified into two categories. In the first category, there are gemstones that have eye-visible inclusions. And in the second category, there are gemstones that are eye-clean, i.e., they don’t have any eye-visible inclusions. Color gemstones with eye-visible inclusions are typically less valued compared to those with no eye-visible inclusions or imperfections.

Different color gemstones in different carat weights

If you choose a gemstone that has no eye-visible inclusions, it might break the bank. So, it’s better to choose a color gemstone with some inclusions that aren’t too obvious or conspicuous. In that way, you can get an affordable and attractive gemstone.

Carat Weight

Because certain color gemstones are rare – tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, and alexandrites, to name a few – their per-carat prices increase at a rapid rate with an increase in their carat weight. So, you need to choose the carat weight of your color gemstone wisely, as per your budget.

The Bottom Line

These were the 5 determining factors to help you invest in color gemstones. Learning about these certainly has prepared you better to shop for your favorite color gemstone.


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