Tanzanite Rings with Diamonds: Jewels with a Perfect Combination

Tanzanite rings have no comparison when it comes to being easy on the eye. They are extremely attractive jewels that can look almost like sapphire rings in natural light and appear celestial violet in fluorescent light. Though rings encrusted with tanzanites don’t need any frills to look beautiful, you can, however, add more shine and warmth to their beauty by decorating them with small diamonds.

Complementing tanzanite rings with diamonds is an art in which many people fail. You don’t need to glut the ring with small diamonds to turn heads but rather some sort of creative genius. Besides, there are so many factors you need to keep in mind before deciding on the diamonds. So, all these things make the whole process of complementing tanzanite rings with diamonds a bit tough. However, let me suggest certain tactics through which you can get some of the best tanzanite rings adorned with diamonds.

Tanzanite Rings

Natural or Lab-grown Diamonds

Your choice of diamonds should depend on the carat weight of your tanzanite ring. For instance, if you want a large tanzanite centerstone for your rings, you should complement it with small lab-grown diamonds. I’m suggesting this combination because, though natural and lab-grown diamonds offer the same set of physical and optical properties, lab-grown diamonds are relatively less expensive than natural diamonds.

On the other hand, if you want to flaunt minimalist tanzanite rings with small centerstones then you can aim for natural diamonds, for which you might have to increase your budget a bit. But then, if you only want natural diamonds then you have to spend accordingly.

Diamond Grading Reports

After deciding on the type of diamonds you want, it’s time to learn about the importance of diamond grading reports. These reports will surely come in handy when shopping for tanzanite rings with diamonds. A diamond grading report will give you the much needed information about the diamond you’re thinking of purchasing. For instance, a diamond grading report will tell you whether your diamond is natural or lab-grown. It will even tell you whether the diamond you’re getting has gone through any treatments or not.

Tanzanite Rings

All these details that are mentioned in a diamond grading report that will help you in ascertaining whether the price of the diamond in question is worthwhile or not. In this way, a diamond grading report will help you in your quest for tanzanite rings with diamonds. One more thing you need to bear in mind is the grading lab from where the report has been issued. Because we need to rely on the diamond grading report of a diamond to ascertain its quality, we can only depend on the report if it’s issued by a renowned and reputed lab.

In that sense, you can easily rely on the diamond grading reports of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS) and International Gemological Institute (IGI). This is a crucial factor when getting tanzanite rings with diamonds.

Color & Clarity

As regards the color of the diamonds, I’ll not recommend you to pay more for colorless diamonds as opposed to color diamonds. That’s because an untrained eye can’t possibly distinguish the color of a diamond. Therefore, there’s no point in paying more for a D color diamond as per the diamond color grading scale of the Gemological Institute of America instead of picking an H color diamond that you can get at a reasonable price.

Tanzanite Rings

In this way, you can get accent diamonds for your tanzanite rings without breaking the bank. The same thing goes with diamond clarity. As we all know that inclusion-free diamonds can fetch the topmost prices, it’s better to choose diamonds that aren’t eye clean. That’s because, again, an untrained eye won’t be able to discern the number and intensity of the inclusions in a diamond.

Moreover, if you are opting for a yellow gold setting, then it wouldn’t make much difference if you compromise on the color grade of accent diamonds because yellow gold will hide the tint but maintain their natural sparkle.

Therefore, why pay extra for a flawless diamond when you can save much by choosing a diamond that contains few inclusions that can’t be seen with an untrained eye?

The Bottom Line

Tanzanite rings with diamonds are the best in terms of visual appeal. They appear satisfying enough to catch your eye, and you can even pair them with almost any other color gemstone jewelry. On that note, I think you should go get your tanzanite rings now!


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