A Diamond Life Cycle – From Earth to You

A natural diamond is a unique and precious gemstone that is formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The process of creating a natural diamond takes millions of years and involves intense heat and pressure.

The journey of a natural diamond begins in the Earth’s mantle, which is the layer of rock that lies between the crust and the core. The mantle is made up of solid rock that is heated by the Earth’s core, causing it to become partially molten. As the rock melts, it begins to rise towards the surface.

As the molten rock makes its way to the surface, it encounters intense pressure and heat. These conditions cause the carbon atoms in the rock to begin to bond together, forming a diamond crystal. This process can take millions of years, as the diamond crystal slowly grows larger and larger.

Earth Surfaces
Earth Layers

Once the diamond crystal has formed, it is pushed up towards the Earth’s surface by volcanic activity. It can be found in kimberlite and lamproite rocks. Diamonds can also be found in alluvial deposits, which are formed by rivers or streams that have transported the diamonds from their original location.

The diamond crystals that are found at the Earth’s surface are not always of gem-quality. Some of them may have flaws, inclusions or have a yellow or brown color. These diamonds are typically used for industrial purposes. However, some diamonds that are found at the surface are of high quality and can be cut and polished to become beautiful gemstones.

Overall, natural diamonds are a unique and rare creation of nature, formed by the combination of heat, pressure, and time deep beneath the earth’s surface. They are not only precious as a gemstone but also have industrial use.

Once a diamond crystal is mined, it must go through a process of cutting and polishing before it becomes a finished gemstone. This process is done by skilled craftsmen known as diamond cutters. The cutter’s goal is to bring out the diamond’s natural beauty and brilliance while maximizing its carat weight.

The first step in cutting a diamond is to determine its rough shape. This is done by examining the diamond’s natural crystal structure and identifying its best potential symmetry and angles. Once the rough shape is determined, the cutter will use a series of saws and grinders to remove any excess material and create a rough diamond.

Next, the cutter will use a process called “bruting” to create a round shape. This is done by grinding two diamond crystals together, creating a round shape. The cutter will then use a series of increasingly fine diamond-tipped tools to create the diamond’s final shape. This process is known as “faceting” and it is what gives the diamond its unique sparkle and brilliance.

Diamond Polishing

The final step in cutting a diamond is polishing. The cutter will use a series of polishing wheels and polishing compounds to smooth and refine the diamond’s surface. This process brings out the diamond’s natural luster and brilliance, making it a beautiful and valuable gemstone.

The final product is a beautiful and valuable gemstone that is treasured by people all over the world.

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