Accessorize Yourself with Sparkling Emerald Pendants

Emeralds have always held a special place in jewelry. These beautiful green gems possess an aura that may be gorgeously molded into various forms of jewels; pendants are one of them. Emerald pendants impressively accessorize a simple dress. Just a touch of the green sparkle and your dress is beautifully transformed into an elegant wear.

If you do not have an emerald pendant perhaps you should consider one for your collection. These emerald pendants come in a wide range of designs from elegant solitaire settings to spectacular designer settings. These may be comfortably worn for any occasion, from regular wear to special personal celebrations.

Further, if a few dazzling diamonds are set alongside these precious green stones the pendant becomes truly exquisite. Few fine designs you can choose from are emerald-shaped emerald pendant with prong set round diamonds, square-cut emerald with round diamonds, pear-shaped solitaire emerald pendant set in yellow gold, oval-cut emerald surrounded by tiny diamonds, round emerald with small diamonds set as a star around it, emerald-shaped emerald pendant with pave set diamonds, marquise-shaped emerald with small diamonds at the edges, and emerald designer pendant with pave and bezel set round diamonds. 

Here we are presenting some emerald pendant designs from minimalist to swanky for you to consider in your next jewelry purchase.

1. Heart shaped emerald pendant

Accessorize With Sparkling Heart Shaped Emerald Pendant

A necklace bejeweled with a heart shaped emerald pendant is a sure way to steal the heart of your loved one. The heart shape itself is a symbol of love and a pendant cast in this shape is believed to be a sign of love, compassion, and empathy. The pendant can carry more charm if it is presented as a surprise gift.

2. Trillion shaped emerald pendant

Accessorize With Sparkling Trillion Shaped Emerald Pendant

An emerald shaped in a trillion-cut style not just looks visually irresistible but also exhibits the exceptional green tone that the emerald is known for. The high number of cuts which usually range between 44 and 50 renders the emerald spectacular optical properties. The curvaceous triangular shape makes the pendant appear larger than it really is.

Cushion cut emerald pendant

Accessorize With Sparkling Cushion Cut Emerald Pendant

Cushion cut style has evolved from the old mine cut. Emeralds cut in this style are usually eye clean because rounded sides and cut corners of a square allows more light to pass through thereby leaving little room for any imperfection such as inclusions. Emeralds are known to have inclusions & fissures naturally and as such it is extremely difficult to find an almost clear stone that suits the requirement of being in cushion cut. Presenting a pendant with such a rare gemstone to your loved one will make her feel special.

Pear cut emerald pendant

Accessorize With Sparkling Pear Cut Emerald Pendant

A pear cut emerald pendant looks stunning due to being round on one side and pointy on the other. It is said to symbolize emotional connection between lovers. Irrespective of the symbolism, a pear cut emerald pendant looks stunning on everyone at every occasion, A pear shaped emerald pendant looks beautiful in both classic gold and white gold. Choose the metal as per your wish to match your skin tone and your wardrobe.

Besides using emerald pendants as accessorizing jewelry for special moments, these may be suitably gifted on birthdays, anniversaries or just as a gift to a dear colleague, mother or sister. If you haven’t already, you can certainly consider now to include this beautiful piece of jewel as part of your collection and also consider it as a valuable gift to a special person in your life.

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