Celebrity CEOs: Stars & Their Business Empires

The trend of celebrity entrepreneurs has taken Hollywood by storm. More and more stars are starting their business ventures nowadays. Some of the early participants of this trend are Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Sean Combs, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney, and the Kardashians, to name a few.

These celebrities have managed to take off their businesses while being in the spotlight all the time. For instance, Kylie was only 21 when she became a successful entrepreneur with her makeup line.

Though her cosmetics company was run down many times because she was born with a silver spoon, she ultimately emerged as one of the most successful celebrity entrepreneurs of her time.

As with Kylie, many big names in the entertainment industry have had their share of ups and downs as regards their businesses. Keep scrolling to check out some of the hottest celebrity CEOs who hit out of the park with their businesses.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress has long held the entrepreneurial flag, starting her journey with Glacéau Smartwater in 2007 to finally launching her hair care brand LolaVie in 2021. This brand is born of Aniston’s keen interest in ‘medical journals, technological advances, and the latest beauty and health innovations’. The Morning Show star has worked round the clock to make LolaVie the success that it is today.

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She is one of those celebrity entrepreneurs who take the role of the captain of the ship very seriously. Aniston oversees a lot of LolaVie operations right from the product development stage to marketing and creative direction. No doubt every product from her hair care brand is a coveted stunner, be it the detangler, hair oil, or shampoo. Think about your obsessions, someday you might also come up with your business venture, who knows?

Let’s check out the next star on our list of celebrity entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Garner - Celebrity Business: Farm Products

Jennifer Garner

The American actress is the co-founder and chief brand officer of the next-generation childhood nutrition company Once Upon A Farm. Garner has always shared her love for her farms many times on social media; in fact, she has a family farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

Very few celebrity entrepreneurs are as dedicated to their business as Garner. The actress even supplies ingredients to her food line. For instance, the feature crop grown on her farm, pumpkins, are used for the seasonal blend pouches of Once Upon A Farm.

Though she’s better known as a fantastic actress, her love for her farm and her dedication to her food line make her one of the best celebrity entrepreneurs. Apart from Once Upon A Farm, Garner is also associated with Virtue hair care. She’s a partner and spokesperson for this brand. Garner’s stylist introduced her to this brand.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Famously known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson launched Teremana Tequila in 2020 when things were so uncertain. However, this ultra-premium brand worked wonders for Dwayne over the years. Today, the American actor and businessman wishes to take Teramana Tequila to new heights by making it a global success. His vision for his brand makes him one of the best celebrity entrepreneurs.

He says ‘I think we continue to promote the on-premise side of our business and make it as robust as we can make it. But at the same time run a parallel path to internationalizing the Teremana Tequila brand.

To make Teremana a true, global tequila brand’. Teramana Tequila reached one million case sales in 2023, adding a major milestone to their journey. Celebrity entrepreneurs like Dwayne are a big inspiration for businessmen.

Scarlett Johansson : Celebrity Business

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the few stars who aren’t on the Gram. She doesn’t share her life with her fans on social media. However, the Black Widow has shared her beauty secret with her fans and all those who want to preserve healthy skin: The Outset.

It’s an eco-friendly, plant-based skincare brand. Many celebrity entrepreneurs have skincare brands but what distinguishes Johansson’s The Outset from other beauty brands is its trademarked ingredient blend Hyaluroset Complex.

Hyaluroset Complex works wonders as a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid. When asked about her skincare brand, Johansson says ‘It’s not about resurfacing or reinventing your skin, it’s really about preserving the skin that you have for the future’.

The actress is one of those celebrity entrepreneurs who are associated with more than one brand. Johansson is also associated with Snow Days, an organic, grain-free pizza brand.

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul

Most celebrity spirits don’t make it to the top and fail because of half-measures. But that’s not the case when it comes to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Dos Hombres Mezcal. Both Hollywood stars are always willing to put in their best efforts to make it one of the best celebrity spirits.

There’s no doubt these terrific actors are some of the best celebrity entrepreneurs. When asked who came up with the idea to launch Dos Hombres, Cranston said ‘It was Aaron’s idea to launch Dos Hombres’.

Summing Up

Apart from these actors, Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Machine Gun Kelly, etc. are also some of the big celebrity entrepreneurs who are inspiring their fans to never give up on their business ideas.

No doubt branching out from the entertainment industry and creating a business empire is on the checklist of all the stars these days. The success stories of any of these stars can be your inspiration if you’re thinking of starting your business venture. So, start working on your business ideas to make a name for yourself!


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