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5 Gold Bracelet Ideas For Couples

Some things are better together, just like you and your partner. Having a twinning gold bracelet for couples is the right way to know who your other half is and is the sweetest way to show off your love to the world. 

Gold bracelets have always been in trend and having a similar one with your significant other is all that you need to stand out from the rest of the couples. Gold is one of the seven metals of alchemy. In astrology, gold is used to represent the sun and for an alchemist, it represents the perfection of all matter on every level, including that of the spirit, mind and soul. Styling a gold bracelet for couple can be very easy because of the variety available in metals and gemstones, a combination which can help in making personalisation more unique and elegant. 

Here are our top 5 recommendations for you to consider when you shop for your couples gold bracelet.

Simple yet elegant 

For the ones who are minimalists and yet want to flaunt a jewelry piece, choosing gold as the metal for your bracelets can be an optimal choice. There is a variety of colors in gold for you to choose from. Be it yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, it will shine on your wrist and is the usually preferred metal when it comes to jewelry for daily wear. In addition to the color options you get in gold, you can also consider the type of finish you want to give to the bracelets such as polished, matt, brushed or wired, depending on your style and preferences.

A polished gold bracelet for couple is a real winner for him and her if you wish to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your clothing without being too bold. 

Go easy on the design

Designing a bracelet that will look good on both of you can be tricky but getting something without facing any struggle isn’t really fun, is it? 

While you design your gold bracelet for couple, keep in mind the designs you would want to go with. A design that’s equally feminine and shows a bit of masculinity as well is the best one for couples to go for. Make it simple and choose a subtle look for the bling on your wrist. A design that will make you and your partner look like you belong together, something similar, elegant and chic; a design that’s easy to wear and represents that it was made for the two of you. 

Pick a color

Choosing the right color that’ll go with your personal style and which can complement your personality well is the real deal. Gemstones in a bracelet setting gives a very chic and elegant look and opting for the right color gemstone is essential. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies are some of the most preferred gemstones used in bracelets. All of the gemstones symbolize different things and help you in enhancing different aspects of life, you have to decide which one you would want in your lives. 

Picking on a stone that aligns with you and your partner can bring tremendous changes in both of your lives and can turn out to be very fruitful. Designing a gold bracelet for couple that’s embedded with gemstones gives you the leverage of deciding the size, color, carat and clarity of the stones to make it more personalized and unique in its own way.

Diamond Bracelet 

What’s better than having the most shimmery and shiny stone on your wrist? If you’re not someone who wants to go all out with having a color gemstone on your wrist, then a diamond gold bracelet for couples is your best option. Everyone has a different perspective about jewelry but we all can agree on the fact that diamonds represent power and inner strength without doing much. Gold diamond bracelets for couples are the simplest way to style your wrist and can be easily adorned by both of you because of how effortless it is and still gives the right amount of touch to your look.

Also, a diamond bracelet can be a perfect after wedding gift for showcasing your love and commitment to your partner. 

More the merrier 

Being able to style your jewelry in a way that makes it look effortless and goes with everything is like cherry on the cake. A bracelet that’s easy to wear and can be worn with or without any layer is everything you wish for. A design that will look equally good if it’s worn independently and even when it’s layered with multiple gold bracelets or a wrist watch. 

Layering elongates your look and gives you the right amount of shine on your wrist without doing much. While deciding on the designs of your gold bracelet for couple, keep in mind the versatility of it and whether both you and your partner will be able to layer it and make the most of it. 

Gold bracelets are for a win this season for couples. Styling your wrist with a sleek gold bracelet can make you and your significant other stand out from the rest and we know that’s something you surely want. Showcase your love by wearing matching gold bracelet for couple and styling it just the way you want to. Hoping this would help in your next purchase. Happy shopping!


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