Why choose emeralds over other precious stones?

The rich green color of emeralds has been holding its royal aura since ancient times when queens and kings preferred these precious stones for their thrones, necklaces, breastplates, belts, and many such big pieces of jewelry. In the present times too, emeralds are gradually foraying into personal jewelry and are the contemporary choice for women who like to move away from the traditional diamonds and rubies for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. These green gems invite admiration for their uniqueness and rarity. And, therefore are beautiful choices for special celebrations.

Emerald Gemstone

Elegant studs, sparkling pendants, classic rings, and spectacular necklaces may be designed and created with loose emeralds. Both kinds of metal types; yellow or white gold or platinum beautifully accentuate emerald jewelry. Emeralds set in white gold reflect an understated elegance, whereas, loose emeralds crafted in yellow gold are grand and suitable for festive occasions or as wedding rings. These green stones blend beautifully with diamonds. Hence, any form of jewelry made with sparkling diamonds along with emeralds results in a truly stunning piece.

For an exquisite piece of jewel or ornament a simple ring or a pair of studs, consider emeralds before deciding. It will be a revelation to you when you possess one and receive compliments. And, emeralds complete your collection of jewelry.

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