Unique Wedding Ideas to Make Your Celebration Unforgettable

Getting married is about celebrating love. While some traditions are meaningful, you don’t need to incorporate every single one of them. In fact, the act of getting married is traditional enough. Make your unique wedding ideas unforgettable by being fun and creating your own traditions along the way:  

1. Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Dance 

The father-daughter dance is a traditional staple at most weddings, but you could mix it up and have the girls pair up against the boys. It is bound to be cute & funny and unforgettable.  

2. Dried Flowers 

Dried Flowers

If you want to plan an outdoor wedding with edgy décor and unique centerpieces, this might be right up your alley. Using dried flowers will not only be environment-friendly but also take up a lot less of your wedding budget. Coordinate with your florist to create ethereal bouquets and centerpieces.  

3. Surprise Wedding 

Surprise Wedding

The wedding industry has gotten larger and event planners have gotten more creative. That also means a lot of time and energy goes into planning even the smallest detail of the wedding. Wedding stress can get dangerously high and ruin the big day for you. If you want to leave these worries behind and do something spontaneous, have a surprise wedding! Invite everyone under the pretext of a costume party! Everyone will freak out and your wedding will be the event of the decade. 

4. A Furry Ring Bearer 

A furry ring bearer

There is one thing the best man may not be best at, and that is bearing the ring. Sure! Chad from college can whip out the precious ring from his coat pocket (which also has a coupon to Taco Bell) but wouldn’t it be so much more special to designate the role to someone who loves you unconditionally, has the cutest little paws, and is the goodest little boy? Include your dog in the wedding party by making him the ring bearer. Your dog will be incredibly happy running down the aisle and the pictures will be golden. 

5. Adult Pinata 

Adult Pinata

You can have an elegant wedding with violins and ice sculptures and also have a piñata. Why? Because it’s your wedding and piñatas are awesome. Piñatas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The piñata of your choice can be filled with party favors, little treats, and travel-size liquor bottles. (Just make sure they aren’t glass bottles.) 

6. Children’s Corner 

Children’s corner

When the adults are beating on a piñata, and scrambling for little bottles of vodka (even though there’s an open bar right there) the kids need to be elsewhere. A wonderful kid’s corner with art stations and kiddie snacks will not only be fun for the kids but also free their parents from constantly worrying about the little ones. It is advisable to hire a professional chaperone.

7. Take Song Requests 

Take song requests

By the end of the day, you want your wedding to be a party that is etched in everyone’s memories as some of the most fun they have ever had. For that, you need everyone to dance like they are the kids from Footloose.  Give your guests a say in the playlist by adding a song request section in your wedding invitation, and let your wedding DJ take care of the rest. 

8. Sign Off on the Veils 

This might not be to everyone’s liking and that’s okay. But if you are a strong believer in the philosophy: ‘Things are just things’, then buy a bunch of markers and have the wedding guests sign off on your veil. The veil will be the perfect canvas for everyone’s messages and will make your attire (which you will never wear again) all the more meaningful. 

Do you have more unique wedding ideas to make your celebration unforgettable? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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