All About Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring

What is marriage really about? The love and companionship which you share with your partner irrespective of how weird and goofy he or she is. Being with someone you share your feelings with and most rely on, someone who brings out the best in you and promises to be with you for the rest of your life deserves to be treated well. What’s better than giving your partner the ring of her dreams, something that’s meaningful and represents your love like no other!      

Jewelry is the shortest way to a woman’s heart and proposing to her with an engagement ring that you know she will adore. It is the best way to make her happy. 

One such jewelry piece was used as an epitome of love by the real estate agent Dalton Gomez to propose to the famous American pop singer and actress, Ariana Grande. The ring had our hearts in knots since we first saw it. 

Toi et moi 

For his bride-to-be, Gomez opted for a toi et moi ring which in French means “you and me”. Composed of a pearl snuggling beside a titled oval shaped diamond, the setting is indeed a fitting choice. 

This ring is essentially a two-stone ring representing the coming together of two individuals in a bond that’s unbreakable. After the big announcement by the couple on social media, everyone around the world fell in love with the idea of incorporating two stones in their engagement ring. White pearl in Ariana’s ring changed the whole look and feel of it and made a normal solitaire diamond ring into something which will always be remembered by everyone. 

ariana grande’s toi et moi engagement ring

The stone 

An oval shaped diamond paired with a white pearl, adorned her ring. The ring is estimated to be about six carats and valued around $350K with the coveted VVS1 clarity. The diamond’s oval cut has made the ring stand out from the rest of celebrities’ toi et moi rings. Adding a white pearl to the ring has given it a soft feminine touch, making the ring look elegant and graceful besides lending an extra hint of sophistication to her hands. 

Strong base

Ariana Grande’s engagement ring is set in 14k yellow gold which makes it durable and sustainable for the wearer. Oftentimes it’s been seen how due to certain metals, the setting of the gemstone loosens and you eventually lose your precious gemstone. A ring set in 14k or 18k gold doesn’t get tarnished easily and will be with you for a long time. You’ll be able to style your every look with it on a daily basis. 

Thought behind it 

Dalton Gomez was involved in each and every step of the selection process of the engagement ring for her then girlfriend. He was very clear about what he wanted to gift her and had given it a lot of thought. It was his idea of making the diamond tilt a little and add a pearl to it as it held sentimental value and was special for Ariana.

It is believed that Ariana received a ring from her grandmother; the ring was made of her late grandfather’s tie pin after he passed away. She shared a story on twitter in 2014 mentioning, “Nonna had a ring made for me w/ the pearl from grandpa’s tie pin. She says he told her in a dream it’d protect me”, she tweeted at the time with a pic of the gift. 

her tweet of the pearl ring posted in 2014

Fans speculated whether Dalton had added the oval-cut diamond at a diagonal angle with a pearl to make the ring all the more sentimental. Being a June born, Ariana has pearl as her birthstone and it was very thoughtful of Gomez to include that in her engagement ring. She then got married in May 2021 and tied the final knot with Dalton Gomez. 

ariana grande’s wedding

This was all about Ariana Grande’s ‘Oh so wow’ engagement ring and if you wish to propose to your special someone with a toi et moi engagement ring, we suggest you go for it and make the moment count. Hoping this article was helpful to you,we look forward to hearing the good news. Congratulations to you in advance!

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