The Best Cuts And Shapes For Loose Rubies

Rubies are those precious stones which do not loose their vibrant red rich sparkle in whichever shape and cut these are crafted. Therefore loose rubies are very popular choices for rings, studs and pendants. Round and oval rubies are most commonly preferred as these shapes easily fit into any kind of jewel setting. Pear is another shape which makes a simple pendant stunning, whereas, heart-shaped rubies accentuate the studs as well as pendants.

Loose Rubies

Loose rubies nicely cut into a delicate marquise-shape or a contemporary fancy shape makes a beautiful necklace more appealing. Each ruby shape has a distinct appearance and therefore an assorted combination of different shaped rubies when brought together for a ring or pendant makes the jewel truly exquisite. A pendant with a central round ruby surrounded by marquise-shaped rubies is beautiful whereas, a pear-shaped ruby at the center of a ring flanked by heart-shaped rubies is unique and spectacular in yellow gold.

Rubies are also available in few selected shapes which make them appear sturdy and bold, like the emerald-cut, square-cut and cushion-cut and these are the first choices for men’s rings. Therefore, men prefer rubies for their wedding rings.

For best choices for loose genuine rubies, browse through internet jewelry sites and specially search those firms which offer them at wholesale prices.

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