2024 Sundance Film Festival: How to attend?

Lights, camera, action! Get ready for the 2024 Sundance Film Festival—it’s a big show for indie movies happening from January 18th to the 28th. Imagine heaps of amazing stories, famous actors on screen, and a big party all about telling tales.

We’re here to spill the beans and give you the lowdown on how to handle this movie paradise! From grabbing tickets to the cool stuff you can’t miss, let’s dive into this celebratory journey that’ll amaze you.

Who’s Invited?

Wondering who gets the golden ticket to this cinematic extravaganza? The great news is—most screenings and panels are open to everyone! Yep, that includes you and me, along with the pros of the film world.

Getting Your Pass

Now, let’s talk about tickets! Securing your golden pass to this reel wonderland can take a bit of finesse. There are options aplenty:

1. Festival Passes:

These tickets offer broader access to screenings. You’ve got the Salt Lake City Pass for a city vibe and the Express Pass for Park City or Salt Lake City screenings. Decisions, decisions!

2. Online Feels:

Don’t want to step out? No sweat! Enjoy portions of the festival right from your couch. Yes, online screenings are in, starting January 25th. Snuggle up and hit play!

3. Packages & Tickets:

There’s something for every taste! Choose from packages or individual tickets to tailor your Sundance adventure. Go all in or take it one film at a time—the choice is yours.

When & How?

Planning is key! Mark those dates: January 5th for package sales closing before the cinematic extravaganza kicks off on January 18th, and January 11th for single ticket sales. Pro tip: Plan and book your slots pronto. These screenings fill up faster than popcorn disappears at the movies!


snapshots from famous movies

Volunteering, Anyone?

Do the giving spirit? Becoming a Sundance volunteer might just be your ticket! Experience the festival from the inside track, catch screenings off-duty, and soak in the buzz. But remember, early birds catch the volunteering worm!

The Chase Sapphire Magic

Hold a Chase Sapphire Reserve® card? You’re in luck! Picture this: a cozy lounge at 573 Main Street in Park City—Chase Sapphire on Main. Flash that card and step into a world of musical performances, exclusive discussions, and a festival concierge. VIP treatment, anyone?

Tips for Your Epic Adventure

Don’t freeze up, literally! Park City in January can be as chilly as an ice queen’s palace. Layer up and don’t forget those sturdy boots. Also, brace yourself for the crowd—it’s a Sundance trademark. Arrive early, stay patient, and claim your spot.

And lastly, keep those energy levels up! Water, snacks, maybe a hefty coffee—or better yet, head to Chase Sapphire on Main if you’re a cardholder. Hydration and good vibes are guaranteed!

FAQs for Your Sundance Film Festival Experience

1. When Can I Purchase Tickets?

In-person and online packages and passes are available for purchase starting October 18, 2023, until January 5, 2024. Passes are available while supplies last.
In-person and online Single Film Tickets can be purchased from January 11 to January 28, 2024.

2. I’ve Purchased a Pass; What’s Next?

Your pass grants access to all screenings based on your pass type. No need to select tickets, but make sure to line up 15 minutes before each screening’s start time.

3. How Do I Pick Up My Pass?

Express, Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City Youth pass holders need to pick up their passes at the Festival’s start. An email will guide you about the pickup location and time.

4. I’ve Purchased a Package; What Should I Do Next?

After getting a ticket package, it’s time for ticket selection. Choose the films for your tickets.

5. When Can I Make Ticket Selections?

Locals Ticket Package and Award Winners Packageholders can make selections from January 6, 2024. All other package holders can select from January 8, 2024.

6. How Do I Make a Ticket Selection?

You must pick at least two hours before a film’s start time. Visit the film detail page or My Schedule to make your selection. Remember, screenings have limited capacity, so make your choices early and ensure you have a valid ticketing product in your account.

Sundance Film Fest screening

Ready to Dive into the Reel Fun?

There you have it, a sneak peek into the Sundance extravaganza awaiting you in 2024! Grab your popcorn, prep your warmest attire, and get set for a cinematic adventure unlike any other.

Remember, it’s not just about the movies; it’s a vibe, an experience, and a community coming together to celebrate the magic of storytelling.

So, who’s excited to attend the 2024 Sundance Film Festival?

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