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About Ritani

With the mission of making diamond jewelry shopping easy and affordable, Ritani started its journey in 1999. Joel Klien, the brilliant mind behind Ritani, started the company to give a better diamond shopping experience to jewelry lovers all around the world. The dedication to providing excellent quality handcrafted diamond jewelry has made the company a global leader in the diamond jewelry industry.  

The Landing Page Of Ritani

The landing page makes the first impression on a visitor. It gives a clue about how the website is designed and how conveniently customers can buy diamond jewelry. 

Well, it’s time to take an excursion to the landing page of Ritani. Let’s know what we will get to see when we open the company’s website.

Home Page

Ritani home page

When you first land on the website of Ritani, you will see exclusive discounts on its jewelry with some catchy taglines (for example, You Found The Right One) to influence the buying decision of customers. The company knows the strategy to attract customers to the website and always comes up with new offers on jewelry on different occasions. So, if you’re looking for a bonus pack on diamond jewelry, then Ritani is the right place for you. 

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The home page of Ritani allows the customers to design their engagement ring either by selecting a diamond or setting. 

Start With A Diamond

In case you don’t want to buy pre-designed diamond jewelry, then don’t worry. At Ritani, you can design your own diamond jewelry using the ‘start with a diamond’ option. Here, you get both natural and lab-created diamond options in various shapes and sizes. Designing the jewelry of your dreams using this feature is as easy as falling off a log. Be it earrings, rings or pendants, this option can help you design all types of diamond jewelry with minimum effort. 

Diamond Options And Offers On Engagement Ring Setting

Ritani Diamond Options And Offers On Engagement Ring Setting This section is a proof that Ritani focuses on giving a smooth shopping experience to its buyers that too within an affordable price range. This section allows you to take a tour of the incredible color diamond collection in all shapes and sizes. Along with that, if you want to design a spellbinding diamond engagement ring for your heartthrob, then the company offers great deals on stunning ring settings. You will always save a lot when you buy from Ritani, no matter what type of jewelry you’re adding to the cart. 

Start With A Setting

Want to decide upon a ring setting or shape before the stone? If yes, then this section will help you do that. You can start personalizing your marvellous ring by exploring its large and high-profile ring settings that will give a unique touch to your appearance. The experts in the company have a thing for unique and beautiful ring designs; they have focused on the craftsmanship of every ring setting to curate a ring that lasts forever. 

The most interesting feature of this section is that you can also check on the shape of the ring while exploring the different ring settings. Exciting, right? This feature will give you the freedom to decide all the aspects before finalizing your forever ring.

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Gifts Under Strict Budget

Gifts Under Strict Budget

Of course, jewelry is a precious gift that lasts for generations. But gifting jewelry to your loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean you have to flow stacks of money into it. You can also design a piece of beautiful diamond jewelry within a strict budget. 

This section will offer you a great deal of incredible gift ideas within a budget of $1500 and $2500. 

This section is also great if you want to buy a beautiful jewelry gift for your loved ones. But I have observed that this section lacks a personalization feature. You can only buy jewelry gifts from the preset jewelry collection for under $2500. It would have been more useful if customers could design their jewelry under a specific price point.

What’s In The User Interface?

From the customers’ perspective, the user interface of a website should be easy to operate. Let’s find out what the user interface of Ritani has to offer to its customers.

At first glance, you will notice that the top section of Ritani has been designed in a way that the user will get access to all the options that are required to curate a piece of exceptional diamond jewelry. 

So, without wasting time, let’s quickly explore the user interface of the website. 


The company has given an option where customers can design diamond jewelry effortlessly. The ‘diamonds’ section has a lot to offer. Whether you want to buy a loose diamond or create a piece of diamond jewelry, this section has all that you need. 

In this tab, there is a ‘get scheduled’ option that allows you to book an appointment with the in-house experts of Ritani. This is the very interesting thing about the ‘diamonds’ tab where the users can easily find the option to either design the diamond jewelry or connect with the experts using this tab. 

However, when compared to the other online retailers like James Allen and Brilliant Earth, it is somewhat time taking to find top grade diamonds here. 

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Lab Diamonds

If natural diamonds do not fit into your budget, then the ’lab diamonds’ section is for you. This section will provide you with a plethora of lab-created diamonds that will capture your attention. You will also get color diamond options to add a fancy touch to your diamond jewelry. The ‘lab diamonds’ section is pretty much the same as the ‘diamonds’ section except for the ‘get scheduled’ option which is not available in this section. 

I have found this tab very useful if you have a strict budget and want to design diamond jewelry. All the necessary designing options are available in this section to help you design an exceptional piece of jewelry.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is one of the most precious jewels for everyone, and why not? This is why Ritani has created a separate tab where you can curate your engagement ring artistically. You can start designing your ring either by shape or style. Popular ring search, yellow gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings are some of the additional options that make engagement ring shopping easy for customers. 

The positive fact about this tab is that a customer will get all the options that are needed to design a sparkling piece of diamond jewelry. 

Wedding Rings

The company has dedicated an entire section to wedding rings. This section has a beautiful collection of wedding rings for both men and women. This section also includes a variety of ring designs, including anniversary rings, eternity rings, two-stone rings and so on.

The only limitation that I have found in this tab is that no ‘design your own wedding ring’ option is given though I think it can be added to give a better shopping experience to customers.


Whether you want to design diamond jewelry, fashion jewelry or gifting jewelry, the ‘jewelry’ tab is a package for all. Through this tab, you can explore the exclusive collection of diamond jewelry. 

However, adding a separate section for both men and women could make it more feasible for the customers. 

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Want to know more about engagement rings and diamonds? If yes, then the ‘education’ section will enlighten you and help you make a thoughtful decision. This section includes diamond guides, engagement ring-buying guides, tips and tricks to buy a ring and so on. So you can go through this section to know how you can grab the ring you want from Ritani. 

Positives And Negatives Of Ritani


  • Offers only GIA or AGS-certified diamonds.
  • Conflict-free diamonds.
  • 30-day free return policy.
  • Diamond buy-back program.
  • The buying process is super easy.
  • The craftsmanship of jewelry is outstanding. 


  • The image quality of diamonds is not good.
  • The collection of diamonds is not that extensive as compared to Blue Nile.
  • The jewelry settings of Ritani are overpriced. 

Customer’s Reviews

With a rating of 4.46, Ritani has established itself as one of the most trusted diamond jewelry companies worldwide. The customers trust the quality of the diamond and love shopping from Ritani. 

Let’s have a look at what customers say about Ritani.    

Saverio Varca

Ritani is awesome. I tried to use a local jeweler but the prices and customer service at Ritani were leagues above what I was getting at a physical store. I specifically worked with Sylvia to get my girlfriend exactly what she wanted as an engagement ring and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result. I am very likely to recommend Ritani to all my friends in the future.

Joseph Placid

Absolutely beautiful my fiancé is overly impressed and loves her diamonds including all of her friends and family that have commented on it and said there is this absolutely gorgeous shipping and receiving in communication has been spectacular customer service as above and beyond.. very much a hands on experience, and any time there was a potential issue. Customer service stepped in to answer all questions and make sure that the entire process from ordering and receiving the item was excellent, including after two weeks, touching base and making sure that everything was still OK.

Financing Options

Ritani provides financing options for jewelry. After comparing the financing options of Ritani with other companies, I have found out that Ritani’s financing options are good and reliable. The zero financing option of the company is good if you don’t want to flow stacks of money into the jewelry. 

Should You Buy From Ritani?

After reviewing all the options, including diamond quality, jewelry settings, user interface and other necessary factors, I wouldn’t say that Ritani is a bad option if you want to buy diamond jewelry within an economical price range. But if I compare Ritani with its top competitors (Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile and James Allen), I wouldn’t go for Ritani. The quality of diamonds appears to be average (maybe due to the image quality) and the diamond jewelry collection is not as extensive as I found among its competitors. So my major reason to go with Ritani would be the economic value of their diamond jewelry.

The bottom line is that Ritani is a jeweler of repute and you can definitely make purchases from them, particularly if you want to design your engagement ring without spending plenty of money on it.   

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