Let The Sparkle Of Astrological Rings Shine On You

Astrological rings have been used since time immemorial for gaining benefits from their Vedic values. From queens to laymen many have worn this zodiac jewelry in the ancient era and its aura and belief continues to find admirers today too.

An astrological ring might not appear distinctively different from regular rings but it is designed and styled to highlight the astrological stone in an impressive ring setting. Further, one can make one’s own astrological ring by choosing the desired precious stone with a ring setting of one’s choice. 

In order to get a truly effective ring you need to consider a few points. First is the size of the stone. The size of the gemstone in an astrological ring is dependent on the age of the person and physical disposition among many other things. Also, the color of the stone plays a crucial role in endowing the wearer with the benefits it is supposed to provide. The gemstone used in an astrological ring must be of high clarity and shine. A seasoned astrologer will be in a better position to guide you properly on all these and other relevant counts.

popular gemstones

Some of the popular gemstones are emeralds, rubies and yellow, white & blue sapphire. It is suggested that you handpick the desired stone with least blemishes and impurities for embracing most of its goodness. Then, choose an elegant or stylish ring setting in yellow gold or white gold or platinum which may be set as a bezel set or channel set or prong set. Each stone has special purpose in the world of astrology depending on your natal chart; so you must factor in this aspect as well into your decision.

Care must be taken that the ring setting is such that the gemstone touches the skin as much as possible. This is so because it is believed that if the stone touches the skin it is more influential. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a certain degree of ring’s aesthetic in favor of a greater surface area touching your skin. 

astrological rings

You can enhance the beauty of your astrological ring by adding a few diamonds to it. It will make your ring more scintillating without affecting its effectiveness. Astrological rings too come in a plethora of designs and after finalizing one, you may place the order for the ring with a good jeweler. Or you can put on your creative hat and come up with a design of your own which can later be brought to life by an expert. An astrological ring thus created is more likely to be trendy and stylish, and most importantly you would not hesitate to wear it regularly. 

Welcome the powerful influence of the gemstones into your life by wearing astrological rings.

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