How You Can Drop Him Hints to Get The Engagement Ring You Want?

Has your partner started behaving strangely these days? Or is he frequently talking about rings and your likings more than he usually does? If you have observed any of these, then this is an unmistakable sign that he is planning to propose to you. On cloud nine? But wait, don’t go to him directly and tell him what you want in your one and only diamond engagement ring. Otherwise, you might ruin all the excitement. Instead, make it fun and start dropping some hints and let him do the rest. 

Well, if you don’t have any clue how you would tell him about your dream engagement ring without being straightforward, then here are some interesting ideas that will help you give him indications.    

Discuss Your Likings with Your Partner

couple discussing something with each other

Hey, you ought to be watchful while discussing your aesthetics with your Mr. Perfect about what you want in your diamond engagement ring. But don’t let your tongue slip over it; make it random instead. You may discuss your diamond engagement ring while binge-watching a rom-com movie or enjoying a romantic dinner date.      

Show Him Some Celebrity Engagement Rings

Megan Fox’s toi et Moi ring

If you admire celebrities and the way they style themselves, then this is the best way to give him a hint about the ring you are longing for. Be it Megan Fox’s toi et moi ring, Kate Middleton’s vintage sapphire ring, or Kourtney Kardashian’s diamond ring, they all have set benchmarks as far as engagement rings are concerned.

Show him the images of your favorite celebrity rings to let him know about your desired diamond engagement ring. You can also frequently talk about how much you adore the ring of your favorite celebrity to make him aware of your choices. 

Commentary Rule is The Best Way

couple pointing at someone’s ring

Do you know you can drop ring hints for him by commenting on other people’s rings? Isn’t it an amazing idea? Well, if your partner is planning a proposal for you, then he will observe you very closely. So, this is one of the clever ways to convey what you want or how you want him to design your engagement ring.

For instance, you can say to your man, ‘Her engagement ring is beautiful, but I would’ve liked it better if the design was a bit different.’ This is how he will know about the characteristics of the ring you want.   

Friends are The True Saviours

group of female friends

You are desperately trying to tell him about your dream engagement ring, but being direct will spoil the surprise. It’s time to take the help of your friend because a friend in need is a friend indeed. Talk to your friend as she will reach out to him and let him know what you like to have in your diamond engagement ring. Through your friend, you will also be introduced to if he has already selected a ring design for you. And if not, then your friend will surely be a helpful hand for you. 

Window Shopping is A Great Idea

couple shopping for jewelry

Are you good at making a deadpan face? Great! Now go window shopping together to give him a straight idea about the ring you wish for. You can easily point at the ring design, size, cut, metal, etc., you like while browsing the collection of rings so that he can take note of your choices. 

Thank me later for this pro tip: Know where to stop. Show him some excitement for your dream engagement ring but don’t be overexcited, or else you might mess up the surprise he has been planning for you.

We have mentioned the most effective ways through which you can give him ring hints without him knowing. Now it’s time to make your surprise remarkable with GemsNY’s stunning and classic collection of diamond engagement rings.    

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