5 Beautiful Designs for Solitaire Ruby Rings

The timeless classic solitaire ring settings are best captured by ruby stones in the form of ruby rings. The inherent sparkle of these red rubies beautifully carry-off rings for any occasion and solitaire ruby rings are the most favorite choice for engagement rings. 

Whether it is the regular shapes such as round and oval or exquisite shapes such as marquise, cushion-cut, emerald-cut or pear-shaped, ruby rings crafted with rubies are special and reflect elegance and splendor. 

We have presented here five gorgeous designs for solitaire ruby rings which are suitable for anniversaries, weddings or just as a surprise gift for someone you love.

1. Ruby antique setting solitaire ring 

A solitaire ruby ring itself is timeless due to simplicity of design. But when the simplicity of design meets the grandeur of the past, the rings turn out to have a unique character. Ruby antique setting solitaire ring accords you the allure of the past which perhaps many modern day ring designs miss. Many people consider modern day rings to come off like a cookie cutter and this ring surely meets your expectation if you also happen to subscribe to that view.

Ruby antique setting solitaire ring

2. Ruby knife-edge setting solitaire ring

A knife edge setting solitaire ring is a modern avatar of a traditional ring wherein the cross section of the shank is not entirely circular but tapers off to make an elongated edge along the ridge of the metal band. The sloping edges of the ring appear more like an elegant silhouette with minimalist appeal.

Ruby knife-edge setting solitaire ring

3. Ruby cathedral setting solitaire ring

One of the most beautiful ruby rings is a cathedral setting solitaire ring. Its classic appeal lies in the use of arches to render height and elegance to the ring by perching the ruby. Due to the extra elevation the center stone appears larger than it actually is. If you want to have a ring with unorthodox character with minimal expense then the ruby cathedral setting solitaire ring is the one for you.

Ruby cathedral setting solitaire ring

4. Ruby tension setting solitaire ring

One of the most unconventional settings in which you can make your ruby ring is the tension setting. This setting employs the tension of the metal rather than prongs to hold the ruby in place. The advantage is that the stone is fully exposed to light thereby dispersing maximum light possible. The drawback however is that the gemstone is prone to be dislodged with a sudden impact.

Ruby tension setting solitaire ring

5. Heart-shaped ruby bezel set solitaire ring 

Ruby is the stone of love, passion and devotion and if the stone is in the shape of a heart, then the ring becomes all the more romantic. The bezel set ruby solitaire ring makes the lasting impression of secured love, the way ruby is secured in its place by the bezel.

Heart-shaped ruby bezel set solitaire ring

In each of these ruby ring settings, the choice of the metal would be completely a personal selection. For subtle elegance, platinum or white gold is preferable, whereas, yellow gold may be chosen for a stunning appearance, perhaps for ruby engagement rings

These designs for solitaire ruby rings, if not found with leading jewelers in your neighborhood, may be made as custom ruby rings. One may place an order with a reputed ring jeweler for any of these solitaire settings and receive custom ruby rings at the doorstep. 

In case you want to tweak the design to incorporate your aesthetic elements, you can go for a completely custom-made ring or reach out to the in-house consultants big jewelry brands have on staff.

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