Difference Between Diamond & White Sapphire

Diamond has been the perfect engagement ringstone for so many years. But changing times have changed people’s perception of engagement ring stones.

The new black is white sapphire. This is one such gemstone that’s quite becoming the personal favorite of not just modern brides looking for a fascinating gemstone for their engagement ring but also for people looking for an appealing and sturdy gemstone for their jewelry piece. 

Because white sapphire fulfills all the prerequisites of an engagement ring center stone, the gemstone is turning out to be the perfect alternative for diamond as regards engagement ring stones.

From eye-catching appearance to impressive hardness and durability, white sapphire has got it all. But still, it takes a lot to become the perfect alternative to the hardest substance on earth, diamond.

If you’re in two minds regarding choosing between diamond and white sapphire, this article will surely help you reach a conclusion. Be it for the most special purchase of your life – an engagement ring – or for your next jewelry piece, a thorough comparison of the two colored gemstones will end up being a boon for you.

In this article, I’ll enlighten you about some of the most striking differences between diamond and white sapphire. To help you understand better the differences between the two gemstones, I’ve prepared a table.

Here’s the comparison table between diamond and white sapphire:

Characteristic Diamond White Sapphire
Chemical Composition Carbon Aluminum oxide
Hardness (on the Mohs Scale) 10 9
Brilliance (refractive index) 2.42 1.77-1.81
Color Colorless to yellow, brown, blue, pink, etc. Colorless to white
Price (per carat) Expensive (Usually $1500 to $19,500 dollars per carat approximately) Affordable (Usually $400 to $750 dollars per carat approximately)
Durability Very durable Durable, but not as strong as diamond
Rarity More common Relatively rare
Popularity Widely used in engagement rings and other jewelry Increasing in popularity as a diamond alternative
Treatment Can be treated to enhance color and clarity Generally not treated, but some treatments are available

Note: This is a general comparison and there may be variations in the specific characteristics of individual diamonds and white sapphires.


So, now that you know it all, you can easily make a decision. However, if you’re still confused regarding what you should pick between diamond and white sapphire then you should definitely listen to your heart. Also, picking the gemstone that goes with your preference and style without hurting your budget would be ideal in this situation.

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