Choose Loose Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds to Create Dazzling Pieces of Jewelry

Every woman wishes to possess at least one beautiful piece of jewelry designed around each gemstone. One may either buy these as pre-set jewels from established jewelers or order from the internet. But, if would like your collection to be exquisite and beautifully unique, the best way would be to buy loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds and custom-make them into your favorite designs and settings.

Studs, pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces are some of the jewels that may be crafted with these precious gemstones. Also, Kate Middleton has popularized a trend of matching pair of studs and ring made with the same stones. Loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds may be creatively set so as to complement your wardrobe. For few light-shaded color dresses a pair of emerald studs and emerald pendant will accentuate the appearance, whereas, for dark-shaded dresses light-colored sapphire studs and sapphire pendants would be more suitable. The red-rich loose rubies create stunning jewelry accessories for any kind and any color of attire, and, therefore, one must have at least a pair of ruby studs, a solitaire ruby pendant, a nicely-shaped small-sized ruby ring and perhaps a ruby and diamond bracelet. Loose sapphires have been blessed with many beautiful natural colors which when set in elegantly designed simple pieces of jewelry are suitable for everyday wear. Whereas, the royal splendor of loose emeralds are best captured in jewelry designed for special occasions in one’s life.

It is suggested that one explores these creative choices and make gorgeous pieces of jewelry with loose rubies, loose sapphires and loose emeralds.


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