Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day (Him/Her)

You have found the one with whom you want to fight, love, wander and live forever. Well, congratulations and best wishes to both of you! Now is the time to begin your search for the best jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day for your partner to finally declare your love to him/her on the day of love. I know you are already puzzled by thousands of gift choices in the market.

Don’t worry! I have done all the hard work for you to bring some brilliant gift ideas that will be your perfect pal while saying “I Love You” to your partner. They say ‘Jewelry is priceless, just like love’! That’s true. Jewelry is an ideal gift choice for your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Getting a gift for your love is always a special feeling for you, isn’t it? Let’s explore some of the promising best jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day to your soul mate.

Gift Ideas for Him

Men are coming forward and breaking the myth of ‘jewelry is made for women only’. They are becoming broad-minded and are now preferring jewelry apart from watches. Here are some handsome jewelry gift ideas you can get for your King to show your immense love for him.

1. Matching Ring

Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day - Matching ring

When you truly love someone, you always feel like they hold some part of your soul. Let the feeling continue with the Matching Ring this Valentine’s Day! Matching rings is the modern concept of two unisex rings similar to each other symbolizing the connections and commitment between two people. Your gift will keep reminding him of you whenever he looks at the ring. You can get matching rings in different metals such as gold, platinum, silver, white gold, and many more. Stones like gemstones and diamonds mounted on your ring wouldn’t be so much to make the ring look pretty.

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2. Diamond Bracelet

Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day - Diamond bracelet

We always think that diamond bracelets are only for women and men barely cross our minds. Nowadays, men are breaking the barriers and wearing diamonds to style themselves. Bracelets are the symbol of bravery and courage. Let your man be brave for you; gift him a bold diamond bracelet wrapped with your undying love and care. Metals like Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold will make an impeccable bracelet for your special man.

3. Gold Ring

valentine day jewelry gifts Gold Ring

Gold is always bold! Gold ring symbolizes the love, passion, and prosperity in your life. A simple gold ring will go perfectly with the style of your man of dream. Gift a gold ring to your man and let him style himself with the precious simplicity of the handsome ring.

4. Metal Necklace

valentine day jewelry gifts metal necklace

Necklace has become a necessary part of men’s accessories. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal have adorned necklaces in such a manner that it feels like every man should wear a metal necklace to look attractive and display power. A simple & slim necklace of silver or gold will match with the style of your man. Gift him a fine-looking necklace to make this Valentine lavish for both of you and show him how much you are grateful to have him in your life.       

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5. Cufflinks

Best Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day - cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classical way of fashion for men. Cufflinks make decent and magnificent best jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day for a man who likes to wear formals. Cufflinks are necessary accessories for corporate people. If your man likes to wear formals and is a business person, then nothing can beat the presence of cufflinks. Get a pair of golden or silver cufflinks embedded with diamonds for your man to make this Valentine special.  

Gifts Ideas for Her

Jewelry holds a special place in everyone’s heart; it reminds you of the moments when you first met her or small things about her you really adore. Let’s explore the top trendy and best jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day for your Queen.

1. Ruby Ring

valentine day jewelry gifts for her ruby ring

Ruby has been known as the ‘stone of love’ for ages, and it is one of the rare gemstones in the world. Ruby ring would be a perfect choice to show her exceptional presence in your life. Let this Valentine be full of love and romance; gift your lady a crimson red ruby ring. When it comes to gifting a ring to your special one, nothing can beat a ruby that can bring a gorgeous smile on her face. Don’t wait! Just wrap a stunning ruby ring in a gift box and present her a bouquet of red roses along with a wonderful message- Bright, Bold, and Beautiful You.  

2. Stackable Rings

valentine day jewelry gifts for her stackable rings

Why fashion your fingers with just one ring? Why not many? Stackable rings are one of the best jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day among women. And if your woman likes to adorn her fingers with beautiful rings, give her a set of stackable rings and see how much she cherishes your gift. You may look for simple metal and stone rings depending upon the taste and preference of your lady.

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3. Twin Flame Soul-mate Necklace

valentine day jewelry gifts for her soul mate necklace

A twin flame is believed to be half of the part of your soul; they are the mirror image of each other. And it is hard to explain how you feel when you see her- the other half of your soul.  No songs and poetry would be enough to describe your love for your special one. If I have to put it in words, ‘Soul-mate’ is a perfect word. Soul-mate displays that you are destined to be with your special one. What about the idea of proposing to her with a twin flame necklace? Gift her a twin flame necklace and show your timeless love to her. A love song and poetry along with that would be a great idea while proposing to her.

4. Birthstone Jewelry

valentine day jewelry gifts for her birthstone jewelry

Birthstones have always been significant to good fortune and wellness. Our ancestors used to believe that gemstones bring luck in life and possess incredible healing properties. Every month in a year is blessed with a unique gemstone. You can show your genuine love and care by gifting her birthstone jewelry that lights up her spirit. Let the angels shower their blessings on your partner.

5. Diamond Ring

valentine day jewelry gifts for her diamond ring

Let the diamond do the talking about your everlasting love for her. Diamonds are so close to women’s hearts! They just love diamonds. Diamonds are timeless and forever; so is your love for her. Diamond rings are effortlessly attractive and will please her when you give a beautiful ring embedded with a diamond. You don’t need to buy a big diamond, a small one or a set of small diamonds would do wonders to your love quotient.

This Valentine’s Day, express your love and give your partner a beautiful surprise in the form of jewelry. There are many jewelry brands selling all kinds of jewelry both online and off. You must however choose a jeweler of repute and insist on a certificate of authenticity if you’re buying gemstone jewelry. Celebrate love with your significant other and show her/him how much you love them.

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