Accessorize with sparkling studs created with loose gemstones

Loose GemstonesA dress well-accessorized greatly accentuates the appearance. To have a suitable collection of gemstone accessories, it is perhaps better to create them keeping in view your wardrobe. Studs are one form of jewelry that attracts immediate attention and hence, these small ornaments need to be chosen more carefully.

A few pair of sparkling gemstone studs created with loose sapphires or loose rubies or loose emeralds are elegant accessories that one can depend on to wear with any dress. These studs would be more beautiful accessories if one creates them on own by choosing loose gemstones of one’s own choice of color, shape and size, and then getting them set on a stud-setting. The steps involved are quite simple. Select few specific colors of the dresses which you think will require different accessorizing colored gemstones studs and then choose individual gems. Loose rubies go well with majority of light and dark colored dresses, whereas, loose sapphires influence selected colored dresses depending upon the color of the sapphires. Loose emeralds co-ordinate well with very few specific dresses and hence need to be chosen carefully. By adding few diamonds to any of these studs, unique pieces may be created. Also, the size and shape of these precious stones may be varied for the studs to have beautiful variation in your jewelry box.

Sparkle-up your appearance by wearing beautifully accessorized dazzling studs created with chosen gemstones.

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