When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a single jewel with millions of emotions, but sometimes you should take it off to maintain its sparkle

When Applying Beauty Products

Beauty products may have strong chemicals that can fade the color of the gemstone or metal

Before Going Swimming

A long swimming session will make your fingers shrink, thus your engagement ring might fall

Medical Procedures

Some diagnostic medical tests include magnetism, so going through such tests with your ring on might affect the results

On an Adventure

You should take off the ring before starting an adventure such as trekking or off-roading to prevent loss or damage

During Sports Activity

A sports activity includes intense physical involvement, so you should take off your ring before hitting the field

When Dealing with Strong Chemicals

Some strong chemicals might damage the ring, so it's better to take it off before dealing with them

Need More Jewelry Maintenance Tips?

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