Unusual Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

Get a glimpse of how eccentric yet meaningful wedding traditions may get…

Germany - Log Cutting Ceremony

German newlyweds promote teamwork & determination to overcome difficulties by sawing a log together in the presence of the wedding guests

Kenya - Spit on the Bride

Wishing prosperity & good luck, Kenya’s Maasai culture calls for the bride’s father to spit on the head and chest of his daughter before she leaves (no real spitting though, just symbolic)

Greece - Smashing Plates

Wedding guests break plates as a good luck charm which are then cleaned by the newlyweds as their first challenging job as a married couple

Scotland - Blackening the Couple

The bride-to-be and the groom-to-be are showered in mud, feathers and rotten food by kith & kin to introduce the couple to a challenging married life

India - Stealing of Groom’s Shoes

The bride’s sisters and female friends steal the shoes of the groom which he must get back after negotiating with his sister-in-laws

Sweden - Kissing Prank

The Swedish bride and groom must not leave each other’s side or the wedding guests for the opposite gender may kiss the newlywed partner if left alone

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