Must-Have Wedding Photos

Moments you will remember for life…

The Wedding Invites

Take a closeup shot of your wedding invites with a subtle flower arrangement

The Getting Ready Poses

The moments in between your dressing-up can be captured with a big smile, from hairdo to makeup…

The Bridal Accessories

How about capturing the entire bridal accessory suite in a single frame? After all, they are the major highlights of your big day

The Bride & Groom Portrait

Go for as many solos as well as duet clicks as you want, only the most perfect ones must make it to the final cut

The Wedding Party

The guest list shouldn’t just be on paper, make the real party moments come alive with the grand wedding party picture

The Wedding Venue

Another good idea is to take a beautiful snap of the lavish decor right before the celebration begins

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Moments

The walk down the aisle, the ring exchange ceremony, the first kiss, the dance party and the send-off moments are worth a perfect click

Other Wedding Highlights

You can’t skip the single shots of the wedding cake, wedding bouquet, couple’s wedding rings and the wedding feast

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