Victoria Beckham’s 15 Exclusive Engagement Rings – A Sparkling Collection

Meet Victoria Beckham, the famous fashion icon and the former Spice Girls member! Not only is she recognized for her chic fashion sense, but her marvelous collection of 15 mesmerizing engagement rings has also caught the global spotlight. Yes, you read that right.

Not one, not two, but 15 engagement rings! Each ring has a precious tale to tell, narrating a journey of love, commitment and growth shared by the beloved couple, Victoria and her beloved husband and famous footballer, David Beckham.

Are you eager to step into the dazzling world of her rings? Well, lucky for you! You are at the right place. Today, we will unveil and explore Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection.

Victoria Beckham’s 15 Dazzling Engagement Rings

1998: Marquise-cut Diamond Ring

victoria beckham-marquise cut diamond engagement ring

When David Beckham popped the question to Victoria, he did it with style and elegance with a diamond ring in 1998. This ring features a beautiful 3-carat marquise-cut diamond resting on a lovely yellow-gold band. When Beckham announced her engagement and showed off her ring, fans fell in love with this sparkling beauty. Little did we know that this timeless piece was just the beginning, as it paved the way for numerous exquisite and one-of-a-kind rings that would follow in the coming years.

2001: Eternity Band

In around 2001, Beckham seemed to have replaced her original engagement ring with a gorgeous eternity band adorned with white diamonds. She gave us a sneak peek of this stunning new sparkler when she attended the book signing of Learning to Fly, her autobiography, in October 2001.

2003: Emerald-cut Diamond With Side Baguettes

victoria beckham emerald cut diamond engagement ring

The Beckham couple, Victoria and David, made heads turn at the MTV Movie Awards in May 2003, dressed in matching white outfits. However, what truly stole the spotlight was Victoria Beckham‘s ring. The ex-Spice Girl confidently flaunted an eye-catching emerald-cut diamond ring with side baguettes, causing quite a stir as she walked the red carpet.

2004: Pink Oval-cut Diamond Ring

The fourth ring, a breathtaking pink oval-cut diamond in a halo setting, made its debut as VB attended 19 Management’s 19th Anniversary Party at the Royal Albert Hall alongside her husband, David. This blush pink ring was a gift from David to his wife on her 30th birthday and is believed to symbolize the rosy years of their marriage.

2005: Pear-cut Diamond Ring

victoria beckham pear cut diamond engagement ring

Victoria flaunted a stunning new ring when she attended the David Beckham Academy launch alongside David Beckham in June 2005. As dazzling as it was, the ring boasted a 17-carat breathtaking pear-cut design. Complementing its elegance was a diamond pave band, making this showstopper perhaps the biggest ring in Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection!

2006: Emerald-cut Yellow Diamond Ring

In 2006, a shift towards timeless elegance was marked by a stunning emerald-cut yellow diamond ring. VB was first spotted wearing this ring when she came to cheer her husband during the World Cup. The design of this ring showcases clean lines and geometric precision, perfectly mirroring the couple’s refined taste and growth over the years.

2007: Cushion-cut Emerald Ring

victoria beckham cushion cut emerald engagement ring

In 2007, Victoria added a new gemstone engagement ring to her collection! She caught everyone’s attention by wearing a beautiful cushion-cut emerald ring. While attending the annual Elton John AID Foundation Oscar Party in February 2007, she gave the photographers a glimpse of her gorgeous ring. She wore a matching emerald bracelet to add more flair to her look.

2008: Emerald-cut Diamond Ring

VB was spotted wearing a new engagement ring. While this new 2008 emerald-cut diamond is just as stunning as her 2006 emerald-cut ring, the difference can be seen in the shade and size of the diamond. This new sparkler stole the spotlight as it is slightly larger, weighing 15 carats. Crafted by the talented designers at Chopards, it is a true masterpiece.

2009: Oval-cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

victoria beckham oval cut ruby engagement ring

VB made a switch from emeralds to rubies in 2009. She wore this stunning oval-cut ruby ring with a dazzling white diamond setting for the first time at the Met Gala. Victoria Beckham’s ruby ring is an elegant and beautiful piece that can make your heart skip a beat.

2009: Oval-cut Sapphire Ring

victoria beckham oval cut sapphire engagement ring

VB had already added three of the four precious gems to her collection — her diamond, emerald and ruby rings. Her gemstone engagement ring collection reached perfection when she acquired an elegant sapphire ring with a beautiful oval cut. She was spotted wearing this vibrant beauty at the British Fashion Awards in December 2009.

2010: Pink Oval-cut Diamond Ring

In February 2010, Mrs. Beckam was spotted wearing a charming oval-cut pink diamond ring. Unlike the pink diamond ring she wore in 2004, this one had a yellow-gold pave band.

2015: Round-cut Diamond Ring

For the next five years, Victoria was seen wearing her old rings and giving them new life. However, in 2015, she surprised everyone by revealing a brand new round-cut diamond ring featuring a halo setting and round side stones. It was a gorgeous addition to her collection!

2015: Moonstone Ring

victoria beckham moostone engagement ring

In the middle of 2015, the former Spice Girl again wowed everyone with a new dazzling engagement ring. This ring was truly one-of-a-kind, featuring a beautiful moonstone resting on a platinum band adorned with diamonds.

2016: Square-cut Diamond Ring

In 2016, Beckham chose to keep things simple with a square-cut diamond ring mounted on a platinum pave band that she wore on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

2018: Square-cut Yellow Diamond Ring

victoria beckham square cut yellow sapphire engagement ring

A stunning square-cut yellow diamond is the latest addition to Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection. She started wearing this ring in 2018 and it’s truly a beauty! Similar to her previous square-cut diamond ring, this one has a pave diamond band.

What’s Your Thought?

Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection is a remarkable testament to the everlasting love she shares with David Beckham. While not everyone can own more than one engagement ring, having one that speaks to your heart is more than enough.

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