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Wedding themes are always special and close to our hearts. They tell the stories of how you tied the knot and started the fairytale of your life together. Deciding on a wedding theme is complicated and finding a ring that matches the theme is even more complicated.

A perfect wedding theme is one of the best ways to throw a wedding-ceremony party.

Let’s get started with exploring some amazing wedding themes and the inspired rings that will match the theme of the wedding.

Vintage Theme Wedding: Never Getting Old

Vintage place decorated with flowers, A vintage car wedding

Vintage themes can never be old; it is always fascinating to tie the knot with your SO at such romantic places. If your partner likes vintage places and loves the retro vibes, then the Vintage wedding theme is for you. Choose a vintage place and decorate it with chandlers, wildflowers, and some old-school items to make the theme old-school.   

A vintage theme wedding must have a Vintage wedding ring to match the old theme and make it a romantic tale for both of you. A halo diamond ring with small diamonds encircling the center diamond will look elegantly vintage on your wedding.          

Gatsby-themed Wedding: An Elite One

Couples dressed in Gatsby theme

Do something elite at your wedding! Choose a Gatsby theme to relive the rebellion theme of the old era. Gatsby’s theme is inspired by the style and trend of the 1920s when wedding celebrations used to be bedecked with feathers, flowers, champagne, and chevrons.

A Gatsby theme wedding ring should be antique and imperial. A white gold metal ring with heavy work of diamonds around the center stone will make the ring look like it belonged to the 1920s. So, dress up like a rebel, tuxedos for men, and amber wedding gowns for women to make the wedding historic.            

Beach Theme Wedding: A Romantic One  

Wedding on beach

If summer is the season of gentle breeze and clear skies, then the beach is the perfect place to spend your sunny day. Summer is also a season of love, and walking on the beach with your partner barefoot is like euphoria.

Why not plan your marriage on the beach? It’s so romantic to take a vow to live forever enjoying the roller coaster ride of life at the beach. Decorate the beach with white and lily flowers along with the texture of romantic music and red wine.

But wait, your engagement ring setting should also match the beach theme. Well, a pave ring with small diamonds embedded on the shank will be a perfect match for the beach theme.

Let the endless water of the sea be the witness of your journey to forever.       

Into the Forest Theme Wedding: A Fairytale Come True

Forest Theme Wedding

Being close to nature sparks our soul, and wandering into the forest is like a fairytale. Let’s live the fable of love, make your wedding a fairytale of love into the woods. Pick a location surrounded by trees, a decent work of lights dangling from trees, and decoration of flowers all around to make it look like you are in the forest.

Make it remarkable with the gorgeous solitaire ring. Diamond as a center stone will augment the beauty of the ring, and small diamonds on the shank will give extra sparkle to the ring.     

Romeo and Juliet Theme Wedding: Living the Ode of Love

Romeo Juliet Wedding Theme

Romeo and Juliet’s wedding theme is a dream of every couple- it’s like living the ode of love. William Shakespeare wrote the Romeo and Juliet play a long ago in the 16th century. Let’s travel back in time to the love story of Romeo and Juliet and give it a happy ending. Plan a Romeo and Juliet wedding theme to make your wedding super fantastic and a fable.

Buy an antique sapphire ring to give the texture of old books to the ring. Make your dress code in Renaissance style and select a castle-like location to tie a knot with each other.      

Yacht Theme Wedding: A Luxurious One

Theme wedding on big yacht

Life is a blessing when you are on the boat! If your partner finds the sea fascinating and thrilling, then the wedding on the yacht is made for you. It’s a dream of most of us to pull off their wedding on a yacht in the middle of the endless sea. A wedding on a yacht evokes romance and love in you and makes you feel like a King. Make all the arrangements, including selecting a romantic sea location, hiring a host, music, and a nautical dinner.

Buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring for your partner to make your wedding more romantic and cheerful.

Bonus Tip: Hire a Captain who can guide you with the route and manage your yacht activities as well. Say Aye Aye, Captain! And enjoy your wedding.

An Art Deco Theme Wedding: Awash with Flowers, Feathers, and Cocktails

Art deco wedding theme

Classic wedding themes with the decoration of woods and flowers can never be out of trend. The glamorous aesthetic adornment of the art deco theme is inspired by the trend of the 1920s and 30s, when colors, geometric patterns, feathers, and flowers were used in wedding ornaments. The aura of art deco wedding style is still intact, and the elegant and eclectic vibes cheer up the mood. Music, cocktails, and dance lift the party mood and appeal to the bride and groom to enjoy the moment.

A spectacular ring with small diamonds embedded into the entire ring’s band with white gold metal will look absolutely stunning to match the art deco theme. Start off your journey to forever with this amazing theme.

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