Take Inspiration From Celebrity Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings are a popular choice among celebrities as it is said that the mesmerizing rich red color of ruby gemstones represents love, romance, power, and strength. These rings come in various designs, allowing the individual to choose according to their preference and taste. Ruby rings are also quite versatile as they can be paired with any outfit, from traditional to casual wear. The vibrant red color enhances the look and makes the individual stand out from the crowd. Searching for a trending design for a ruby engagement ring? If yes, then take inspiration from celebrity ruby engagement rings.

Here 8 Celebrity Ruby Engagement Rings To Obsess Over

In this blog, we will explore the fascinating world of celebrity engagements and their most famous ruby engagement rings. Stay with us till the end to know more!

Classic Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring

Vintage ruby engagement rings have an irresistible glam, and they add a hint of sentiment, nostalgia, and romance. Popular celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Emma Stone have chosen vintage ruby rings for their engagement as these precious rings are known for their ageless charm. The complex detailing, filigree art, and captivating metalwork enhance the vivid red hue of ruby, creating a dazzling amalgamation that emanates beauty and sophistication.

Ruby Solitaire Engagement Rings

For those who are searching for beauty with simplicity, a ruby solitaire engagement ring is a brilliant choice. This ageless artwork, prettified with a single ruby at the center, is a favorite choice for Hollywood celebrities like Kristan Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. The chastity of the solitaire design permits the ruby’s fire quality to be the center of attraction, making a powerful statement of love, commitment, and relationship. Whether incorporating ruby with white, yellow, rose gold, or precious platinum, a ruby gracefully set in a ring will bring out the sophistication and personal style of the wearer.

Jessica Simpson and Kristen Bell wearing ruby rings

Pear- Shaped Ruby Engagement Rings

Searching for a unique and striking engagement ring? Consider the distinctive design of the pear-shaped ruby. Famous celebrities Victoria Beckham and Sophie Turner have clasped this marvelous shape, which is an amalgamation of a gorgeous round gemstone with the magnifying influence of a marquise cut. The pear shape blends itself properly with a ruby, enhancing its hue and permitting it to dazzle from every corner. This mesmerizing and elegant design is perfect for those who have a bold persona and courage to stand out, embracing individuality.

Ruby Men’s Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are for both men and women, and there is a wide range of designs of ruby men’s engagement rings available to purchase. Famous singer & songwriter Ed Sheeran and popular actor Orlando Bloom have been seen wearing ruby rings, adding a hint of toughness and masculinity to their aura. Whether bedecked in a contemporary design or a retro-inspired band, a ruby engagement ring can be the epitome of love and devotion that surpasses gender stereotypes and persuades identity manifestation.

Ruby Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

For those who appreciate an amalgamation of glamor and sophistication, a ruby emerald cut engagement ring is a perfect choice. This gorgeous rectangular-shaped ruby, with its captivating beauty and mesmerizing color, creates a kaleidoscopic effect. Popular celebrities like Mila Kunis and Jessica Chastain have been spotted flaunting this distinctive ruby ring to demonstrate a unique glam. Whether incorporated in a sleek band or fenced with a dazzling halo of diamonds, an emerald-cut ruby engagement ring is a true example of ageless beauty and luxury.

Sophie Turner, Ed Sheeran and Mila Kunis showcasing mesmerizing ruby rings

Contemporary Ruby Engagement Ring

Contemporary ruby engagement rings are quite famous these days. This design showcases a halo of diamonds fencing a central ruby gemstone, creating a captivating color juxtaposition. Hollywood celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Emma Roberts have embraced the enchanting beauty of contemporary ruby engagement rings wherein a dazzling centerpiece draws attention. The annexation of enchanting ruby as a central gemstone and a fence with striking diamonds creates a magical chromatic disparity, resulting in an engagement ring that is both masterpiece and fascinating.

Three-Stone Setting Ruby Engagement Ring

Looking for a chunky piece of ruby engagement ring? We’ve got you covered. Opt for a three-stone setting of a ruby engagement ring. This particular design symbolizes the past, present, and future, making them a significant choice for couples starting an everlasting journey together. Hollywood actors Halle Berry and Eva Longoria have chosen this magnificent beauty as their engagement ring, showcasing a giant ruby gemstone in the center with two dazzling smaller diamonds on both sides. The sequence of the stones creates a sense of tranquility in the eyes, featuring the elegance and symbolism of each component.

Luxurious Ruby Engagement Ring

For those who admire a hint of nobility and luxury, the Duchess of Cambridge-inspired ruby engagement ring is an excellent choice. Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing a luxurious engagement ring which has been an inspiration for many couples across the globe. This design features a sapphire gemstone substituted with a rich red ruby, creating a striking ring that attracts all the attention. This ruby engagement ring is perfect for those who are passionate about a magnificent ring that reflects a sense of royalty and elegance.

Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and Kate Middleton wearing ruby rings


Ruby engagement rings carry an ageless charm that goes beyond fashion trends, attracting every individual across the globe. The world of celebrity ruby engagement rings offers a plethora of inspiration for creating a perfect and uncommon engagement ring. Whether you are attracted to the retro-inspired engagement ring design, modern design or an amalgamation of both, the beauty and deep significance of rubies add an extra glam to the wearer’s persona.

Also, you can experiment by combining different elements such as a halo of striking diamonds, three-stone settings, or taking inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge. Create a ruby engagement ring that mirrors your true self and unique persona and signifies the eternal fire of your dedication. Let the ruby ring witness your love on your special day.


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