6 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Men’s Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is seen as a promise of marriage and it symbolizes commitment, loyalty and love for your significant other. You must have seen multiple women embracing their engagement rings but when it comes to men, a wedding band is quite popular with them. I’m sure you would want your man to wear his engagement ring regularly and that’s where we step in. Here are the things to keep in mind while you style the most perfect men’s engagement ring for your husband-to-be according to his style and likings. 

Stick to the classics 

You might be allured towards the current trends but nothing beats the look of a classic men’s engagement ring. A trendy ring may go out of fashion in no time but a classic design can be adorned throughout one’s life.

Opting for a simple plain ring can make it easy for him to style without any hassle and can be worn on a regular basis. Depending on his likings and styling preferences, you can also opt for a vintage design for giving it a royal touch. 

vintage men’s engagement ring

Right pattern for the ring 

Knowing about your men’s preferences and styling methods, you have to make the right decision whether it’s going to be a band or a ring with a centerstone, as not everyone can rock an engagement ring of his girlfriend like Johnny Depp. 

Choosing a right setting for the men’s engagement ring is crucial as you would want to showcase the centerstone as well as and not make it look very feminine for him. 

Pop of color 

When thinking of a gemstone, a diamond men’s engagement ring is the first one to strike anybody’s mind but there are other precious gemstones as well. 

A pop of color on the engagement ring for men can make it look unique and can stand out of the box. There are multiple gemstones for you to choose from according to his preferences and the kind of bond you two share, as each one of the gemstones has a different meaning. While choosing a gemstone for the ring, keep in mind the 4Cs i.e., color, clarity, cut & carat, and make the decision accordingly.

Also, choosing a birthstone as a centrestone for your partner’s ring can do wonders, as birthstones are meant to bring good fortune, align energies with the universe and protect from evil.

colors of gemstone

Choosing the right metal 

Now that you’ve decided on the gemstone you want for his engagement ring; picking the right metal for its setting is as equally important as any gemstone’s hardness.

Platinum, gold (yellow or white) and silver are some of the commonly used metals for men’s engagement rings. But a lot of men are now shifting towards some of the non-conventional materials such as tungsten, carbon, silicon, iron and even wood. 

Choosing a metal which is durable, rust-free and scratch-resistant is important for the ring to last longer as we all know how careless men can be. HAHA!!

rings in different metal

Consult a specialist 

We know you must be filled with ideas and doubts about this important purchase of your life. That is the reason why we recommend consulting a specialist before designing a unique men’s engagement ring. It’s important for you to clear your thoughts before you finally make this decision. A consultant can make your imagination come to life in a more enhanced way and can bring the required magic touch to your ring. 

A specialist can make your work a lot easier and can guide you about everything related to your to-be-husband’s dream ring, be it the design, the gemstone, or the metal. 

Don’t forget about the budget 

Love is priceless and money can’t measure the amount of love you have for him. Although, keeping an ideal budget before you make this big announcement of your love is equally important as you wouldn’t want to make a huge hole in your pocket and constantly worry about it. 

The ideal way to buy a men’s engagement ring depends on your resources and your ability to pay for it either in one go or in installments. 

Be very mindful about this purchase as it’s a moment of happiness and not of putting yourself in any financial debt. 

groom’s engagement ring

Why should only girls wear their engagement ring for life and not men. Well now you know what are the things to keep in mind while designing the ring for him and make him wear it. It’s a big moment for the both of you and we wish you will be able to surprise him with this beautiful men’s engagement ring you custom designed for him. Cheers to you!!!

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