Gift Yourself A Dazzling Ruby Pendant

When you take a break from this fast-paced modern lifestyle and give yourself the credit of doing a great job with your life & people around you, you would surely want to gift something to yourself. There may not be any reason or an occasion, but you can gift yourself a beautiful ruby pendant just to celebrate the blessings of a regular day. A ruby pendant exudes warmth & love and because it’s a stunning jewel, it effortlessly accents even simple attire. 

fast paced life

Besides being a valuable addition to your jewelry collection a ruby pendant will beautifully accessorize most of the dresses in your wardrobe. Its red-rich aura is impressive and yet perfectly blends with the rest. You may choose from a fine range of pendants embellished with these precious red stones in different kinds of settings. 

The settings are usually of four main kinds; solitaire, three stone, side-stones and designer. A solitaire ruby pendant is a timeless classic setting which is gorgeous when yellow gold metal is used. Yellow gold or classic gold is synonymous to boldness and ostentation because it immediately captures anyone’s attention. You may also use white gold or platinum metal for subtle elegance. 

A three stone ruby pendant is a beautiful combination of a neatly-shaped central ruby with small nicely-cut diamonds on either side. For the center stone, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and cuts such as round, marquise, oval, square, heart etc. The options are virtually unlimited. While you are identifying the shape of a ruby, you need to keep in mind any preference you may have for the shape of complementing diamonds because here the shape, size and clarity need to be perfectly complementing one another.

collage of solitaire and three stone ruby pendant 

Pendant settings with side-stones are a little more elaborate in that there are more diamonds and not just two as in the case with a three-stone pendant. With more diamonds or any other precious stones surrounding the central ruby in a design, the ruby pendant becomes more scintillating and fiery.

Designer ruby pendants are spectacular with intricately designed settings and the stones involved are of different sizes and shapes. The designer pendant may have other elements such as finely engraved artwork, filigree work, milgrain or bead work or any other motif.

The designs of ruby pendants are not limited to what we’ve captured here. You must choose a design which you fall in love with. As such you can always explore the idea of creatively designing your ruby pendant by yourself. There are many reputed jewelers who would be happy to bring your design to life. 

We often purchase gifts for others but when it comes to buying something for ourselves, we try to cut corners and many times we simply drop the idea. Ruby pendant is one such accessory which will reinforce your incredible value not just to others but also to your own being besides adding a valuable asset to your holding. This time let your impulse take over and treat yourself with a dazzling ruby pendant.

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