Gift Him Elegant Custom Emerald Rings for His Birthday

This birthday, gift him something very special and unique which has been crafted with your creative inputs. Emerald rings may not be a popular choice as birthday gifts for men, but, if these rings include your personal touch, the gift is truly special. The intense green gems are perhaps the most favored precious stone by men who in general do not prefer much jewelry on them. Having been long associated with royalty, these emerald rings reflect a kind of solid elegance.

Emerald Engagement Ring

For his birthday, a personally designed custom emerald ring would be appreciated. Since his likes and dislikes with respect to ring design is known, a ring design which he would find comfortable wearing and not keep in the closet may be drawn by you. Expertise and guidance will be needed which may be taken from the jeweler with whom you would place the order for the custom emerald ring. Men usually do not prefer expensive rings, and, this may be taken into consideration while choosing loose emeralds’ size, cut and clarity for the ring. Also, it is important to ensure that the wax model given by the jeweler based upon your ring design is tried by him for any improvements with respect to the comfort-wear of the ring. And, in a few weeks, your special custom emerald ring exquisitely designed by you is ready to be gifted.

Also, for men, fine emerald engagement rings may be designed and crafted for the occasion with your preferred choices of metal, emeralds and design.

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