Buy emerald rings for a touch of royal splendor

These green gems have been since ancient times significantly included in any kind of jewelry adorned by kings and queens. Besides their personal jewelry, the emperor’s thrones and swords too were encrusted with deep green emeralds. And, the aura of rich green stones continues.

Emerald Ring on Girl's Finger

If your jewelry box is yet to have an emerald jewel, then, perhaps a strikingly beautiful emerald ring is the right choice to begin with. Solitaire emerald rings are very popular and these may be either bought or designed by choosing a well-cut or well-shaped emerald such as the regular oval, pear, and round shape, or the distinct emerald-cut, princess-cut, marquise-shaped, or heart-shaped.

A red heart-shaped gemstone is more to be seen but green heart-shaped emerald rings are preferred for its contemporary style and trendy appearance. This shape is increasingly being enquired for crafting emerald engagement rings. A heart-shaped emerald set in yellow gold is stunningly beautiful, whereas, when set in white gold or platinum it reflects timeless elegance. Both these types make splendid emerald engagement rings.

Take some time and indulge in a sparkling emerald ring to complete your collection of rings. Or if you are trying to decide on your ring for engagement, then select an exquisite emerald engagement ring and make the day special.

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