Five Gorgeous Designs for Ruby Engagement Rings

The red-rich rubies beautifully blend with a range of designs, from the timeless classic solitaire settings to intricately set designer ruby rings. Whether, these are the carefully selected pre-set ruby rings or creatively designed custom ruby rings, these are the most favorite choices as ruby engagement rings. Also, the range of shapes and sizes that these red gems may be carved into make them suitable for any kind of planned budget for the ring. Besides, the love, passion and commitment that rubies universally symbolize make ruby engagement rings more desirable for this special day in one’s life.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Though a ring encrusted with a sparkling red ruby makes even a regular design beautiful, few designs presented here is a collection of choicest of ring designs which may be considered for engagements; an elegant oval ruby tapered cathedral setting solitaire ring, where the size and shape of the central ruby may be changed as per one’s preference; a dazzling emerald cut central ruby ring with trapezoid and straight baguette diamonds, the unusual choice of three different shaped gemstones makes this ruby ring unique; ruby ring with round and kite shaped diamonds, where the central ruby stone is kept a very regular shape to highlight the diamonds which need to be of smaller size; a spectacular two-layered ring setting where the band is encrusted with very small diamonds along the whole ring width with a beautifully shaped ruby at the centre; a pear shaped ruby outlined with very small sparkling diamonds and set along with two kite shaped bigger sized diamonds on either side; and for men an elegant ruby bezel set ring with pave set diamonds.

These gorgeous designs for ruby engagement rings if not found as pre-set ruby rings may be ordered as custom ruby rings. Let the special day be made more memorable with a beautiful ruby ring.

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