Expand Your Jewelry Collection With Timeless Solitaire Classics

Solitaire settings for jewelry reflect an unmatched timeless elegance which has been admired for generations and perhaps has withstood the contemporary trends and styles. The solo precious stone receives all the attention and its simple setting beautifully accessorizes any attire. If your collection is yet to have a ring or a pendant crafted with a single precious gem, then we suggest that you explore this setting and complete your jewelry range. 

The etymology of the word solitaire goes back to pre-eighteenth century Latin solitarius meaning single or alone A widow was referred to as solitaire then but later it would mean a solitary person. In the eighteenth century a card game with this name came into existence and a diamond in a single setting also came to be known as solitaire. But now it refers to any gemstone placed in a single setting.

Now you have a general idea how old the solitaire setting is and why it is called a classic. Perhaps you might also be getting drawn towards picking one or two jewels with this setting, if you don’t already have a few. 

However, there are few things to be taken care of when choosing a jewel designed with a solitaire pattern. The most important aspect is the stone, whether it is a ruby or an emerald or a sapphire or a diamond. The stone needs to be simply stunning. As there is no intricate design or more associated gemstones to enhance the beauty of the ring or pendant, it is necessary to choose the right precious stone which by itself is able to carry-off the entire jewel setting. 

Ring, earrings, pendants in solitaire setting

More specifically, the stone must have a good clarity, almost nil blemishes, suitable enhancements, in-depth color intensity, authentic origin as preferred and the desired brilliance. It is also suggested that if possible a distinguished gemstone laboratory’s certificate for the chosen precious gem may be requested. A certificate will establish the identity of your precious gemstone and mitigate all your worries.

Once the quality of the stone is finalized, its size and shape needs to be decided. This is purely a personal choice. Though you mostly come across designs featuring round gemstones in solitaire settings for rings, earrings and pendants, it is not uncommon to find other shapes such as emerald cut, trillion, cut, asscher cut, cushion cut and many more. All these cuts & shapes have their unique optical properties which can also be a basis for your selection.

Then the metal is to be chosen which may be yellow gold or white gold or platinum. Though again this depends on one’s likes and dislikes, it is preferable to know beforehand the occasions when one would be wearing this solitaire setting jewel: whether on a regular-basis or for special celebrations. Accordingly, one may choose the metal for the ring or pendant. 

Jewelry market in south asia

Cultural factors also play an important role in finalizing the metal for your solitaire ring, earring or pendant. For example in Europe, people traditionally prefer 18k gold whereas in the US, 14k is more popular. Similarly in South Asia you will find 20k and sometimes 22k yellow gold being used in the jewelry. So, your options are tremendous.

If you haven’t earlier thought on these lines, then perhaps now is the time you look around and explore this absolutely beautiful option of solitaire gemstone settings and create a gorgeous jewel for your collection. 

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